—Not One Gray Hair, Now (Mar, 1922)

—Not One Gray Hair, Now

And my hair was quite gray a short time ago.

It was falling out, getting: brittle and stringy. My scalp was filled with dandruff and itched almost constantly.

A few applications of Kolor-Bak produced a wonderful improvement. The itching stopped instantly. There was no more dandruff. And—marvel of marvels—it is now restored to its original color—not a gray hair shows anywhere.

Kolor-Bak is a clear, colorless liquid. It is as pleasant and easy to use as water. An aid to Nature—a tonic which puts hair and scalp in a healthy condition.

No sample of hair needed; the one pure liquid is for all hair. Send for our special trial offer; also Free Book on Hair which explains how Kolor-Bak restores gray hair to its original color.

HYGIENIC LABORATORIES 3334-3338 W. 38th St., Dept. 375 Chicago

  1. Kosher Ham says: January 26, 201112:22 pm

    Kolor bak almost rhymes with Kodak– perhaps the companies should merge.

  2. Charlene says: January 27, 20112:21 pm

    I suspect this is simply a coal tar product. Some early coal tar shampoos (and coal tar is still in use as an anti-dandruff medication, and a good one) would stain the hair black. I can imagine an enterprising manufacturer taking advantage of this defect and spinning it into an asset.

    Not much help if you’re a redhead or a blond, though.

  3. blast says: January 29, 20111:42 am

    I thought yours was a good guess, Charlene, but look here for the actual analysis:

    In precis, “The analytical results show that Kolor-Bak is a lead and sulphur wash. … Although the label declares that the preparation is free from any ingredients injurious to the hair or scalp,’ Kolor-Bak
    contains lead acetate, a substance which is distinctly poisonous.”


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