121 Rotary Wheels Carved in Gold (Jul, 1931)

121 Rotary Wheels Carved in Gold

ONE hundred and twenty-one cog wheels of solid gold, all turning as one, is one of the latest novelties in the mechanical line. These golden cogs were made for the Rotary clubs of California at an expense of several thousand dollars, the gold alone being worth $1500, without the workmanship, which involved an enormous amount of en-graving. The wheels are each engraved with the name of some city in the United States and Canada.

  1. mickey says: April 6, 20098:47 am

    put a fly chain on that and it would make a hella tight piece of bling.

  2. david says: April 8, 200912:55 pm

    Does this stil exist somewhere? I would love to see it run.

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