128 mph in 2nd Gear (Oct, 1952)

That’s not very informative if they don’t tell you how many gears it actually has…

128 mph in 2nd Gear

LOOKING like a large watermelon seed, this super-streamlined auto racer is showing slick form. In the running tests for the Bonneville National Speed Trials it developed 128 mph in second gear. Powered with a souped-up Mercury engine of 250 cu. in., the car is 20 ft. long, 6 ft. wide, and 31 in. high. It weighs 1800 lbs., and the frame is built of thin wall Steel tubing with a 3 point suspension. Owner and co-builder is Harold Post (left), and driver is Doug Hartelt, both from Orange, Cal.

  1. Bill Thompson says: April 26, 20133:04 pm

    A 1952 Mercury? Three gears.

  2. docespresso says: April 28, 20138:37 am

    It looks like the driver’s head sticks out of the top, so in the event of rolling the car it would become even more streamlined.

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