$140,000.00 in Radium for the U.S. (May, 1929)

$140,000.00 in Radium for the U.S.

AN OLD time saying that “Valuable things come in small packages” was borne out recently when the United States customs officials received a shipment of radium from Congo. Africa. $140,000 in radium was delivered in the small box that is shown to the left. This box contained a special lead cylinder within which a glass tube of radium was packed. Lead is the only metal that will keep the penetrating rays of radium in check. This metal not only safeguards the people who must handle the radium but minimizes the chances of breakage.

Radium is one of the scarcest of known metals. The amount in the possession of all nations is very small. This fact, of course, accounts for its very high price. There is one redeeming feature, however; radium maintains its strength indefinitely.

The rays of this wonderful metal are used for medical purposes with remarkable results. The treatment of cancer has been materially aided by the use of its penetrating rays, which it is claimed will kill the cancer germ.

  1. fluffy says: July 19, 201211:39 am

    “Cancer germ”

    Sometimes it’s easy to forget just how far our scientific understanding has come in the last 83 years, and things like this are a wonderful reminder of that.

  2. Hirudinea says: July 19, 20122:56 pm

    $140,000 for Radium!? Wonder what I can get for the Radon in my basement?

    @ fluffy – Well there are some viruses that cause cancer in animals so the theory wasn’t that far-fetched.

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