14th Family Plane Enters Contest (Apr, 1936)

14th Family Plane Enters Contest

FROM Hannibal, Mo., comes another entry in the government’s contest for a light, fool-proof family airplane. Hayden S. Campbell is the designer.

The new craft has a speed of 125 miles an hour and burns but one gallon of gasoline for every 24 miles. The motor is a standard automobile engine. In starting it is only necessary to turn on the ignition, step on the starter and wait a few moments for engine to warm up.
The interior of the cabin is much like that of an automobile. In recent tests the plane was demonstrated to be fool-proof.

  1. Toronto says: October 9, 200812:14 am

    Early prototype Ercoupe? I wish they had included the designer’s name.

  2. Al Bear says: October 9, 20082:12 am

    For 1936, That is a remarkable modern looking aeroplane!

  3. Paul Carney says: October 9, 200810:38 am

    I still can’t get past the notion that the plane is “fool-proof.” We could use a plane like that today!

  4. Richard C says: October 9, 200812:57 pm

    It’s not an Ercoupe; the designer is listed as Hayden S. Campbell. A bit of googling came up with this link: http://aerofiles.com/_c… (scroll down to Campbell, Hayden S.) A couple of more views of the aircraft are here: http://aerofiles.com/ca…

    It is definitely an original looking design.

    Apparently it wasn’t quite so foolproof, though. The note in the above link says the lone example was damaged in a demonstration flight and never repaired.

  5. Rick Auricchio says: October 9, 20084:11 pm

    No doubt it suffered flight damage because the airport didn’t have a big clock!

  6. Toronto says: October 9, 20087:02 pm

    Ack! I missed that! Thanks for the catch and the links.

  7. Torgo says: October 9, 20088:43 pm

    Better gas milage than many cars today.

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