15 Lane Drive-in Bank (Nov, 1964)

This is just about the most American thing I’ve ever seen:

Big drive-in bank can serve 15 customers at a time

The entire street-level floor of the new Denver U.S. National Bank is devoted to customers who do their bankning without having to get out of their cars. It has 15 drive-in teller booths equipped with pneumatic tubes going to the other parts of the bank and TV to check accounts. Automatic light signals direct cars to booths as they are vacated. Over a million drivers can be served a year. Pedestrians bank on one of three basement levels. Four floors above the street can park 260 cars.

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  1. TB says: January 10, 200611:55 am

    The main branch of the Boeing Employee’s Credit Union is like that, and it was built in the late 80s.

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