1913 SMITH BUCKBOARD (May, 1956)


THIS beautifully restored A.O. Smith Buckboard, vintage 1913, was put into its excellent condition by its present owner and discoverer, John Baum of Ephrata, Pa. John found the car in a barn and traced the original owner of the vehicle when he acquired it. The car was patented in 1912 and Baum’s model is number J 46, delivered in July 1913.

Baum believes the car is the oldest and possibly the only restored and running five-wheel auto in the world. It cost its first owner $338. The vehicle weighs only 456 pounds and it is powered by a 5-horsepower, 1-cylinder engine that has a top speed of 20 miles per hour.

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  1. DrewE says: June 8, 20129:35 am

    There are a few of these or very similar vehicles still around. The motor wheel design was bought out by Briggs and Stratton and sold for quite a few years without too much change.

    The 5 HP claim is pure fiction; the engine is actually rated at one horsepower, though that may be a conservative rating for all I know. A 20 MPH top speed for this on level ground from 1 HP does sound entirely realistic.

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