1916 Acousticon (Apr, 1916)

1916 Acousticon

Deaf? “I Now Hear Clearly” You. Too. Can Hear!

Inasmuch as 200,000 users of the “ACOUSTICON”have had the same results from it as Mr. Garrett Brown, whose photo appears above, we feel perfectly safe in urging every deaf person, without a penny of expense, solely and entirely at our risk, to accept a thorough trial of the 1916 Acousticon.

No Deposit, No Expense

All you need to do is to write saying that you are deaf and will try the “ACOUSTICON.” The trial will not cost you one cent, for we even pay delivery charges.

There is no good reason why everyone should not make as liberal a trial offer as we do, so do not send money for any instrument for the deaf until you have tried it.

The “ACOUSTICON ” has improvements and patented features which cannot be duplicated, so no matter what you have tried in the past, send for your free trial of the “ACOUSTICON” today and convince yourself—you alone to decide.

GENERAL ACOUSTIC CO., 1311 Candler Bldg., New York
Toronto. Ont. Office, Royal Bank Bldg.

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