August, 2006 Monthly archive
Stove From Unexploded Bomb (Feb, 1949)

I want one of these.

Stove From Unexploded Bomb
Even unexploded bombs are being used in Germany for commercial products because of the shortage of materials. A Hamburg firm is removing the explosive from 1000-pound dud bombs and rebuilding the shells into stoves. Hinged doors permit fuel to be added and ashes to be taken out.

First Man In Space (Dec, 1958)

First Man In Space

By Harry Kursh

YOU’RE a special breed. That’s why you’ve been selected to be the first man into space. You squirm nervously in your space suit inside the ballistic-like metal container designed to hurl you into orbit. Outside, in an underground blockhouse, the project engineer’s finger is poised over the blast-off button. The countdown is in its final seconds—five, four, three, two, one— fire! …

Machine Reproducing Storm Crashes to Restore Hearing (Dec, 1932)

Machine Reproducing Storm Crashes to Restore Hearing

PROCEEDING on the theory that the sound waves produced by thunderstorms supply vibrations to the ear drums which will massage them and restore their normal functions, a New York ear specialist has perfected a machine which promises to give the deaf back their hearing.



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Atomic Tasters (Aug, 1957)

Atomic Tasters

ATOMIC tasters with extra-sharp taste buds are putting their unusual talents to work sampling foods we may be eating tomorrow. At research laboratories at Barrington and Maywood, 111., American Can Co. taste experts compare the flavors of canned meats and other foods that have been preserved by the traditional heat treatment with foods from the same sources preserved by irridation—gamma rays which kill bacteria and preserve the food.

Dashboard Keyboard Operates Car-Exhaust Calliope (Nov, 1940)

Dashboard Keyboard Operates Car-Exhaust Calliope
Under the hood of the automobile owned by Leo Feuchter, of Ironton, Ohio, is a homemade calliope which is powered by the exhaust of the engine and played by means of an organ-type keyboard at the right side of the dashboard. Depending upon the speed at which the motor is running, the sound of the calliope can be heard from six to eight blocks away. To start the music, the operator presses a pedal, diverting the exhaust gases into the instrument. The range of the calliope is two octaves. Feuchter, a sixty-five-year-old automobile mechanic, designed and constructed the unique installation, which has attracted wide attention in parades and at conventions.

Lighter Puffs Cigarette for You (Sep, 1950)

Lighter Puffs Cigarette for You
Insert a cigarette into the new Draw-Matic car lighter, push the surrounding ring in, and in a few seconds the ring pops back to deliver a well-lighted cigarette. The first few puffs needed to give a sure, even light are supplied by the device itself, which is linked to the wiper vacuum line. The makers, Dowi Products, Inc., of Milwaukee, say you can use the lighter without taking your eyes off the road for even an instant, and without danger of burning your fingers on a glowing coil. The gadget, which can be easily hooked up, sells for $2.75.

Dry-Land Sailing (Nov, 1950)

Dry-Land Sailing
Although his home town, Friona, Tex., is miles from any large body of water, Ray Landrum still goes sailing whenever he wants, but in a dehydrated fashion. He sails along the highway in a three-wheeled motorless vehicle called a Windmobile, which was built to his design by a local mechanic. In a brisk crosswind, the dryland sailer has hit 60 miles an hour. In the Windmobile, Landrum used the front axle, steering gear, brakes and three wheels from a 1934 Chevrolet sedan. The chassis consists of 1-1/2-inch pipe welded in a triangle. Three oil drums, welded into a long cylinder, form the body. Two cotton sails, both hoisted on one mast, propel the vehicle. A second mast, mounted between the two single seats, serves as a brace for the mainmast. The steering wheel is linked to the single wheel in the rear.

Projector Makes Living Movies (Aug, 1939)

Projector Makes Living Movies
A MONSTER magic lantern that uses living models for its subjects, instead of films or slides, is making its debut at the New York World’s Fair. Just as a post-card projector displays small opaque objects, so the new device, called a “magna-scope,” throws a highly enlarged image of a man’s face upon a translucent screen. Meanwhile, a microphone picks up the voices of the subject and operator, and the audience hears them through a loudspeaker, so that the effect is that of a talking motion picture projected as fast as it is produced.

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