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MONORAIL Comes of Age (Feb, 1946)

MONORAIL Comes of Age


IMAGINE boarding a sleek, gleaming car and speeding to your office or home at 200 miles an hour—noiselessly and without a jar! Imagine living out in the wide open spaces where you’ve always wanted to live, away from the crowds and smoke and noise of cities—even a hundred miles distant from your work, yet only a half-hour commuting-time away.

Imagine crossing the continent in nine hours at 300 miles an hour, at a cost of not more than a cent a mile!

New Italian Airplane for High Speed is a Flying Tunnel (Jan, 1933)

New Italian Airplane for High Speed is a Flying Tunnel
THIS odd machine, the Stipa-Caproni, which has just been completed in Italy, and has passed severe tests, is expected to be the type of future record-breakers.

The propeller, it will be seen, is located in a cylinder, through which the air-stream is driven. This “Venturi tube,” all of wood, concentrates the pressure.

The span of the model shown is 50 feet; pilot and passenger occupy a stream-lined cabin above the tunnel-shaped body, which the wing bisects.

ERA Computation Center (Feb, 1953)

Announcing the ERA Computation Center
for Programming, Problem Analysis, Machine Computation

A Complete New Computing Service … for industries and government agencies confronted with large-scale data-processing problems.

Flexibility of Service … permits you to utilize the facilities you need … ERA specialists will handle your problems from problem analysis to final results . . . various services may be purchased singly or in any combination.

The ERA 1101 Computer … is the core of the new ERA Computation Center. ERA’s extensive experience in programming and operating the 1101 assures efficient processing of your problems.

“Night Glasses” Train Soldiers To Fight in the Dark (Dec, 1940)

Learn how to shoot while wearing a welding mask!

“Night Glasses” Train Soldiers To Fight in the Dark
For practice in fighting in the dark, cadets in a British officers’ training unit wear special “night glasses” during daytime maneuvers. Fitted with dark lenses, the glasses reproduce the visibility conditions that would be encountered at night. In this way, the young soldiers learn to recognize the landscape as it appears in darkness, and acquire skill in taking “pot shots” when they cannot see their rifle sights. In the photograph above, several cadets are using the glasses which turn day into night.

Fast Ice (Jan, 1946)

Fast Ice

The cold facts about the smooth sheet of ice that gives wings to the feet off the skaters in Icecapades, biggest of Ice shows.

BY Margot Patterson and Allan Gould

IF THE millions of people who witness the big ice-travaganzas yearly ever stop to think about the sheet of ice on which the skaters pirouette, it is probably only to wonder idly how the red, white and blue pattern gets inside the ice.

Yet the manufacture and maintenance of that thin sheet of frozen water is more important than the stars of any show. A featured performer could break a leg and the show would continue, but without the ice there could be no performance. So in each of the arenas where an ice revue plays during a season, the ice is pampered and babied, sweated and scraped, barrelled, planed, sprayed—all in all. treated with more care than a connoisseur gives the patina on a treasured antique.

Bicycle Has Steering Wheel and Chairlike Seat (Jul, 1936)

Bicycle Has Steering Wheel and Chairlike Seat
Equipped with a chairlike seat, a bicycle introduced recently in Paris permits the rider to sit up straight in a comfortable position while pedaling. The bike has a steering wheel to insure better control.

Smooth is the word for the man with P.A. (Feb, 1949)

Smooth is the word for the man with P.A.

P.A. means Pipe Appeal
Pipe Appeal is that extra attraction of the man who smokes a pipe. And when that pipe is packed with Prince Albert — you have really smooth smoking!

P.A. means Prince Albert
Get Prince Albert today —and see for yourself why it’s known as the National Joy Smoke. P. A. is really rich tasting —mild, and tongue-easy. That choice crimp cut tobacco is specially treated to insure against tongue bite. Get Prince Albert for real smoking joy and comfort!

Machine Translates 1000 Words (Nov, 1932)

Machine Translates 1000 Words

MACHINES can do almost everything but actually think, and a mechanism recently devised by a French language teacher almost does that, for it can translate one thousand words of French into English and vice versa.

The mechanical translator employed in teaching conversational English to Paris police, is seen below. On it is written an English statement, and on the various panels appear questions about this statement. Pressing a button marked in both English and French flashes on the questions and their interpretation.

Is This the Motor Car of Tomorrow? (Nov, 1940)

Is This the Motor Car of Tomorrow?
REPLETE with striking innovations, a motor car of tomorrow that is ready to roll on the highways of today, is part of the Electric Utilities exhibit at the New York World’s Fair. Within an air-conditioned, noiseless body, the driver sits behind an instrument panel holding more than, a score of dials and switches.

Helicopter Flown Successfully (Sep, 1940)

Wow that’s a lot of deflection on those rotors in the top picture.
I think this is actually only the first U.S. helicopter.

Helicopter Flown Successfully

WHAT is claimed to be the first successfully controlled vertical flight in a heavier-than-air machine was made recently by Ivor Sikorsky, prominent aeronautical engineer, at Bridgeport, Conn., in his new helicopter. Powered by a seventy-horsepower engine and equipped with variable-pitch rotor blades, the craft moved straight up from the ground for thirty feet, circled the field, and then settled vertically to the ground. Small rotor blades mounted on the bare fuselage of the craft act as elevators and rudder. Sikorsky is shown at the controls of the helicopter in the photographs.