August, 2006 Monthly archive
Butter Churn From Washer (Nov, 1950)

Butter Churn From Washer
Here is a way of converting your washer into a butter churn in just a few minutes. Cut a triangular hole in the center of a sheet of plywood so that it fits tightly over the agitator of the machine. Then assemble four separate compartments on the plywood base, making them 2-1/2 x 3-7/8 x 7 in. to hold quart-size fruit jars. Fill the jars half full of cream to allow for expansion and fasten the lids tightly. Churn the cream by laying the jars in the compartments, as shown, and turning on the washer for the required length of time.
Elton L. Nash, Maple City, Mich.

Automobile Hot Dog Cooker (Mar, 1950)

Auto Oven Cooks Hot Dogs
Want a hot dog on the road? Just plug this heater into your car’s electrical system. It cooks two wieners in three to five minutes. Priced at $3.95, it also comes in a 115-volt version for the home. It is called the Hot Dog Sizzler and is made by the Thomas Manufacturing Co., of Chicago.

Exploding the Myths About MARIJUANA (Apr, 1949)

Entertaining scare piece about all of the horrible and dangerous effects of smoking pot. Hence forth I will refer to all potheads as “tea slaves” and I will call smoking pot “muggling”. (I had no idea that muggle was another word for pot).

Exploding the Myths About MARIJUANA


You’ll get a kick if you try a reefer—but not the kind you expect, a “tea” slave warns in exposing startling secrets of dope-den life.

I’M scared—plenty scared. Not so much for myself but for the kids of school age. Ever since the Robert Mitchum scandal in Hollywood set the country talking, the myths about marijuana have been mushrooming—dangerous myths. I’m scared for the young boys and girls who want to try a reefer or two “just for the kick.” I’m scared because some people are saying marijuana is a harmless drug, marijuana is not habit-forming, marijuana damages neither mind nor body.

Marijuana is bad, insidiously bad. It grabs you tight, then slowly turns you into a slave. It pounces on your mental or physical weak points and drags you relentlessly down into disgrace.

Sked (Feb, 1949)

Sked is a combination ski-and-sled device designed as a ski-trainer. Handlebars are to aid balance; foot controls work the brakes which are also used for steering. Skedding is fast becoming popular. Poloron Products, New Rochelle, N. Y.

Thirteen Inch Ruler (Feb, 1965)

ROTFL!!! I have never seen anything so funny in my life. I mean, it looks like a normal ruler right? But instead of 12 inches, it has 13!!! Hilarious!

And that “everyone can use an extra inch” line is just classic. I’m going to make that my new catch-phrase.


And it really has 13 inches. (Everyone can use an extra inch.)

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Worth a thousand wonderfuI laughs. Extra sturdy — with steel edge —smart silver and black design. A memorable business gift, premium or salesman “door opener.”

Recorder stores TV stills (Jan, 1964)

I’m a big fan of any media you have to peel.

Recorder stores TV stills
This German recorder makes stills of moving TV images.

Video pulses are fed through a recording head to a magnetic-foil disk (background above) spun at 3,000 r.p.m. Scanning speed is 2,000 inches a second. A pushbutton starts the cycle for an instantaneous single picture.

A playback feeds the stills to another TV set. Up to 10 can be recorded on one foil, which can be peeled off for filing.

Oil Well Fire Staged as Latest Crowd Thriller (Sep, 1934)

This would be a pretty amazing show. Though with today’s gas prices, it would be a very expensive one.

Oil Well Fire Staged as Latest Crowd Thriller

Setting an “oil well” on fire and then extinguishing the flames is the latest crowd thriller. An underground pipe line carrying twenty-five million feet of gas per hour is run from the gas main to an eighty-four-foot derrick. Most oil-well fires burn more gas than oil, so this set-up approximates a real oil well. A valve one-quarter of a mile from the derrick turns on the gas. The spectacle is staged at night, with only the faint outlines of the rig visible to the crowd some distance away. First a faint runner of flame is seen chasing around the top of the derrick, then there is a roar of gas, followed by a blinding flash as the oil well bursts into flame.

Build Your Own Mahogany Sports Car (Sep, 1956)

Check out the cover for a better view of the finished car.

MI’s Speedball Special

You can build this beautiful sports car for less than $500 with ordinary tools.

By Don Bruce

HOW would you like to own this snazzy-looking mahogany-paneled sports car? You can—and for less than $500 if you are the least bit handy with ordinary tools and not afraid to get your hands dirty. The entire chassis and body are made of wood. The power plant can consist of any 2- to 4-cylinder motorcycle engine. Because of its high power to weight ratio, about 12.3 to 1, you will be able to do close to 90 mph. The finished car will weigh in the neighborhood of 750 pounds.

Mink Typewriter (Sep, 1956)

MINK-CLAD typewriter of Hollywood star Shirley Jones, is used to answer her host of fan letters with warm replies.

Japanese Minicar (Dec, 1958)

Japanese Minicar
SUBARU 360 is the newest and one of the smallest Japanese auto products. The tiny 848-lb. rig is only 117 in. long. Its two-cylinder, two-cycle air-cooled engine gives it a top speed of about 50 mph. Gas consumption is approximately 62 mpg. The Japanese minicar is not yet available in the United States.