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Wonder Warehouse 1962? (Nov, 1956)

Wonder Warehouse 1962

Here’s tomorrow’s “look” in warehousing! Electronically, orders are received, checked against inventory, assembled, packed, wrapped, labeled, and whisked to shipping—untouched by human hands!

When this futuristic “stock-chaser” takes shape, its intricate moving parts will turn on New Departure ball bearings . . . preferred throughout industry for their accuracy, dependability, and service-free performance.

Ultra-Sophisticated Bombing Simulator (Oct, 1940)

Tricycle” Trains Army Bombers

Perched on an odd three-wheeled framework of metal tubing, a U. S. Army pilot and his bombardier are pictured above at Riverside, Calif., getting in some ground bombing practice with an electrical machine said to simulate actual bombing conditions. A falling plumb bob plays the role of a bomb. Note that the bomb sight, a closely-guarded Air Corps secret since it is reputed to be the most accurate in the world, is covered with a hood to hide it from the prying eye of the camera.

Would You join a Mob? (Sep, 1934)

Very odd article about group psychology and suggestibility and how they lead people to join lynch mobs. The author manages to completely ignore the fact that in the vast majority of cases lynching victims were black and the mobs were white. Additionally, the author constantly refers to the victims of mobs as “the killers” or “the slayers” even though most of them were grabbed out of holding cells before anything resembling a trial.

Would You join a Mob?

by Prescott Lecky

AT THE University of Iowa, a student recently hurst into a psychology classroom. Dramatically he gave details of a local kidnaping and cold-blooded murder. The criminal had been caught, had confessed, and a mob was forming near the county jail to lynch him. How many would go along and help the lynchers?

At the height of the excitement, 200 students answered the following questions: How many would participate with the mob? How many would go along as spectators? How many would stay away?

Smoke In Bed? (Aug, 1946)

Smoke in bed? Could it really be possible? Have all my dreams come true? If I could find some of these I might just have to start smoking again.

Smoke In Bed?

DON’T—Unless you use the sensationally new 6 in 1 CIG-SMOKER. Designed scientifically for SAFE-CLEAN-FILTERED cigarette smoking. SEE the cig BURN inside this miracle. Durable silverglas creation. It combines a Holder-Filter-Fire Shield-Ash Guard-Smoke Cooler and Automatic Snuffer. PREVENTS- fires, burns, ash mess, accidents and irritating harmful smoking. It’s wind proof. Vew thrills in smoking-nothing else like it.

Electrocuting Whales and Machine Gunning Sea Lions (Nov, 1931)

BIRGER HOLM-HANSEN, a Norwegian engineer, has invented a device for the instantaneous electrocution of whales. It consists of a small but powerful generator which is carried in the whaleboat, and a flexible, insulated line conveying a current of high voltage to the harpoon. At the in-slant the harpoon hits the whale the current is thrown on and the electric charge shot into the monster.

Edison’s Own Secret Spirit Experiments (Oct, 1933)

Edison’s Own Secret Spirit Experiments

Edison, though materialist-minded, was yet willing to accept spiritual beliefs if they could be proven by scientific tests. Here is described one of his amazing secret experiments whereby he sought to lure spirits from beyond the grave and trap them with super-sensitive instruments.

ONE black, howling wintry night in 1920 —just such a night when superstitious people would bar their doors and windows against marauding ghosts—Thomas Edison, the famous inventive wizard, gathered a small group of scientists in his laboratory to witness his secret attempts to lure spirits from beyond the grave and trap them with instruments of incredible sensitivity.

Gasproof Canary Carrier (Feb, 1940)

Gasproof Canary Carrier
Canary birds kept as pets by one Englishwoman would be protected from gas attacks by means of a novel pushcart while she sought safety in a gasproof chamber. Air from a pump operated by one wheel of the cart enters the glass cage through a gas filter as the wheel turns. If the cart is stationary, the wheel may be turned by hand.

Home on a Hemidemisemiquaver (Dec, 1942)

You know an ad is designed to appeal to geeks when it refers to a “fightin’ ham”. Not to mention people who know, or care, what a hemidemisemiquaver is.

Home on a Hemidemisemiquaver*

*Your quick interpretation —a 64th note, or for instance, a “dot” in Code ..

Wings shot-up… motor conking… radio half gone —yet a hemidemisemiquaver signal conies through to guide our fightin’ ham home.

Typewriter with Changeable Typefaces (Apr, 1956)

one typewriter turns out both these specialized jobs…
REMINGTON RAND’S new Interchangeable Typewriter Type* makes it possible!

So easy to use. ..the typist makes the type change herself… at her desk …in seconds!

The Math Pony (May, 1934)

The Math Pony
A Dictionary of Numbers

Multiplication reduced to Addition— Division to Subtraction.

Has multiplied for you all products from 1 to 10,000. More accurate than a slide rule—simpler than a “log” table—easier to use than either. Save mental effort, eliminate multiplication errors, and conserve time. Never can become obsolete. Pays for itself in a few hours of use.

90,000 products—212 pages—sewed binding—opens flat. HEAVY PAPER COVER $1.00. ART FABRIKOID COVER (semiflexible) $1.50
THE MATH PONY PUBLISHING CO. Box 1810-B. Milwaukee. Wis.