August, 2006 Monthly archive
British House of the Future (Sep, 1956)

In the future men will apparently dress like Smurfs.

This is a House?

British architects have designed this Home Of The Future to prove that living will be much easier in the brave new world of tomorrow.

Car Made from Jet Fuel Tanks (Dec, 1958)

GOOFY CAR has cut-down Chevy hood. Ford Anglia chassis, T-33 jet trainer wing tanks.

Oil Paintings about Oil (Apr, 1946)

Sponsored by Standard Oil of course.


Famous Artists Portray Petroleum Industry

NO COMMUNIQUES were issued on the effort of the petroleum industry that boosted production 38 percent to provide three fourths of United Nations oil in World War II but prominent American artists have captured the drama in oil paintings.

Holding a Flash Light for Awkward Work (Mar, 1940)

Holding a Flash Light for Awkward Work
Often when one is working with a flash light in a dark corner, especially on awkward or overhead jobs, it is necessary to use both hands, and the matter of holding the flash light then becomes a problem. One way to do it is to loosen the necktie sufficiently so that it will fit over the head and slip the flash light under it, as illustrated above.—L. H.

Newsreeler Shoots Bike Races From Speeding Motorcycle (Nov, 1934)

Newsreeler Shoots Bike Races From Speeding Motorcycle
THE problem of securing continuous action scenes of a recent six-day bicycle race in Los Angeles was solved by mounting a movie camera on the rear end of a speeding motorcycle.

A rigid camera mount was secured directly over the rear wheel with the operator perched back-to-back with the driver of the motorcycle. By traveling in a direction opposite to that taken by the bike racers, the cameraman was able to secure a series of novel and thrilling closeups.

The success of the experiment was marred, however, by a serious crash. As
the camera machine sped around the track photographing racers who were pedaling furiously in the other direction, the front wheel of one of the bicycles collapsed and the racers piled up with the motorcycle.

TEAR GAS PROTECTION for Stores, Warehouses, Houses, etc… (Dec, 1931)

TEAR GAS PROTECTION for Stores, Warehouses, Houses, Summer Camps, Automobiles, Trucks, Garages, Filling Stations, Etc

New automatic electrically-controlled Tear Gas Devices give SAFE and SURE Protection against Burglary, Theft and Holdup at small cost. Easily and quickly installed anywhere. Property MUST be protected this year. Business is boom-in now. High grade ambitious financially responsible men can make exceptional earnings with this complete protection line. No competition. Exclusive territory. Quick sales. Splendid profit margin. Write today for details.
E-R&S CO. 64E. Lake St. Dept. 123. Chicago

Slide Down Ropes to Safety in New Life Saving Device (Dec, 1932)

Slide Down Ropes to Safety in New Life Saving Device

THAT life saving equipment need not be elaborate and expensive effectively to remove people from a burning building is demonstrated in the introduction in Germany of a new device called the “servitor.”

The contraption consists of nothing more than a pair of stout ropes which are hooked to a window frame and down which the victim slides to safety.
This sliding is performed in a special gadget having a couple of handles, as illustrated in the photo at the left. A life belt is strapped about the victim’s middle to insure a comfortable trip earthward.

Tests proved that 30 persons can be rescued in 12 minutes.

Electric Cannon Uses No Gunpowder (Jun, 1932)

Electric Cannon Uses No Gunpowder

SILENT guns sending their whistling messengers of death into the sky at speeds far beyond those now attained by powder-driven shells seem likely for the next war, using for propulsion magnetic fields so powerful that when they are short-circuited they produce miniature earthquakes.

Dr. Kapitza, F. R. S., working at the Cavendish laboratory of Cambridge University, England, in his attempts to disrupt the atom has produced magnetic fields so powerful that they “explode” the coils that produce them. This man has finally revealed the secret of the magnetic gun so long anticipated by ballistic experts. Dr. Kapitza accomplishes the electric firing of a shell by short-circuiting powerful dynamos for periods of one one-hundredth of a second.

Learn About SULPHURIC ACID (Jul, 1942)

In the 1940’s practically every issue of Popular Science had a detailed chemistry article with experiments for teens to perform. I’m going to begin posting them in the new Chemistry category.

Learn About SULPHURIC ACID – No. 1 War Chemical


NEVER pour water into concentrated sulphuric acid. They will boil and spatter over the room. This is caused by the acid’s great affinity for water. The only safe way is to pour the acid into the water, stirring constantly. Likewise, concentrated sulphuric acid will draw water out of the skin, leaving a dangerous burn.



PRIMSET—a simple and marvelous new method, sets them in natural position and improves appearance IMMEDIATELY. INVISIBLE, COMFORTABLE. HARMLESS—can be employed any time without detection. Use corrects deformity quickly with children, eventually with adults. Endorsed by physicians as best known method for straightening ears. Complete outfit, guaranteed—$3.00. U. S. residents can pay postman.
U.S. residents can pay postman.
Prim Specialties Corp.
Dept. T-5, 55 West 42nd St., New York