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The Camera Queen (Mar, 1937)

The Camera Queen

Margaret Bourke-White, who saw beauty in the lines of a steel girder and the blackness of a coal mine, pioneers a new era of photography.

by Richard H. Parke

WHEN I called on Margaret Bourke-White in her spacious penthouse studio in a Fifth Avenue office building, she had just returned to New York from photographing a new textile mill in the South. Piled high in the center of the vast room was the equipment she had carried with her: A couple of cameras, a box of flashlight bulbs, a folded tripod and three or four travel-scarred suitcases.

New Electric Reproducer Plays Piano Accompaniment (Feb, 1932)

New Electric Reproducer Plays Piano Accompaniment
ONE of the strangest contraptions yet to make its appearance in the musical world was exhibited recently at the German Radio Show in Berlin. Known as the “Helertion,” the device performs the function of playing an accompaniment to a grand piano. The notes are picked up by a microphone and are altered by changing the resistance in the lattice circle, which reproduces spheric sounds and noises together with the ordinary tones of the piano.

The alteration tone is carried on through a series of amplifiers and reproduced through a battery of loud speakers. Auditors who have given the system a try-out declare that the scheme opens up a new field for musical reproduction from an ordinary . grand piano. The tonal range is as great with the reproducer as with the piano itself.


SILVERICE BALLS the modern method of cooling food products

Here is the latest, sensationally new way of chilling food—cooling drinks in hot weather, and keeping food fresh and appetizing while on the table.

Place SILVERICE BALLS in any ice-making refrigerator chamber long enough to freeze—take them out—drop two balls in a glass of water, ginger ale or other drink. In a few minutes you have a cool, refreshing drink. SILVERICE BALLS placed in a butter dish or salad plate, keeps butter chilled and firm—the salad crisp and tasty.

Early Low Rider (Oct, 1947)

Well, not really, but it certainly looks like one.

Twists Test Bodies
This Ford is leaping into the air on one of its 200 trips around the “body-twist” course at the Dearborn test track. Here
body and frame are subjected to extreme torsion stresses—first in one direction, then the other—as indicated by the whipping aerial. The test is one of a series that experimental Ftfrds must undergo.

Portable X-Ray Device Aids Express Clerks (Sep, 1938)

Wow. I hope these guys already have kids.

Portable X-Ray Device Aids Express Clerks
RATED at 58,000 volts and 10 milliamperes and operated by merely plugging in on any electric light circuit, a newly developed portable, shock-proof X-ray device enables express and postal clerks to speedily determine the contents of suspected packages without the need of breaking the seals. The device can also be used in industrial plants for the inspection of manufactured parts and is said to be satisfactory for medical use, providing clear radiographs of the human body. The photo at right shows the compact X-ray unit being used to examine the contents of a suspected express package.

Must Tomorrow’s Man Look Like This? (Nov, 1963)

I love the last line of this article. After going over the pros and cons of creating a cyborg man they hit us with:
“It we don’t, the Russians will. “
Can’t really argue with that, can we?

Must Tomorrow’s Man Look Like This?

No electronic plug-ins needed, say these two doctors. Man’s own capacity for adaptation, with help from science, can fit him for new ways of life

By Toby Freedman. M.D., and Gerald S. Lindner, M.D.

THE design of vehicles is one of the oldest and noblest arts of mankind. Look at a model of a prehistoric Polynesian canoe. It’s as hydro-dynamically elegant and functionally beautiful as the X-15. The wheel, the ski, the kayak, the sports car—pure geometry in motion. No doubt the engineers of these perfect and symmetrical structures beat their heads against the wall when told they had to squeeze in a passenger. One of the earliest recorded utterances in Samoan is the comment of a legendary canoe builder: ‘Til be damned if I make the thwart four inches wider just to fit somebody’s big fat—-” (the inscription becomes illegible at this point).

Multiple Electric Vibrator Massages the Scalp (Oct, 1940)

Multiple Electric Vibrator Massages the Scalp
FOUR hundred and eighty artificial fingers give the scalp a gentle and beneficial massage, in a multiple electric vibrator just introduced. Light in weight, the appliance may easily be self-manipulated as at left, with the aid of two convenient hand grips, while four vibrating disks do their work in unison. The machine is said to stimulate the circulation of blood to scalp and brain cells and to remove all dan-druff and loose hair.

Railroad Sleep Hanger (Feb, 1949)

Railroad Sleep Hanger
For railroad travelers, Dr. Igo Seeger of Vienna has come up with a sleep hanger that holds the passenger in a comfortable sleeping posture while sitting upright. The hanger is supported from overhead by an adjustable strap. A shelf holds the folded arms of the traveler, while another shelf has a pillow to support the head.

Have You Learned to Typewrite Yet? (Mar, 1922)

Have You Learned to Typewrite Yet?

Universal typing is here. People are abandoning the slow, tiring task of long-hand writing. How long are yon going to cling to it, in this world of advancement? Everybody dislikes to receive long-hand letters. And everyone shirks at correspondence when it has to be done the old-fashioned, tiring way. So join the progressive throng—get a typewriter NOW.