August, 2006 Monthly archive
Dog Chariot for Kids (Jan, 1952)

Dog cart built with individual coil spring suspension and 20-in. bicycle wheels yields a soft ride. Its builder, Robert Fye of Seymour, Ind., used electric conduit for the frame and covered it with sheet aluminum.

Pet Shops Wrap Fish in Transparent Bags (May, 1939)

Pet Shops Wrap Fish in Transparent Bags
Customers of pet shops selling goldfish and various tropical species can watch their purchases swim around as they are carried to home aquariums in novel transparent bags just introduced. Made of waterproof, transparent cellulose material, in various sizes, the fish bags have reenforced handles for ease in carrying. When the

container has been partially filled with water, the fish are transferred to it from the store tank.


Auxiliary Accelerator


Auxiliary Accelerator Left Foot Gas Pedal makes driving a pleasure. Permits you to relax, and use left or right foot with equal ease. Fits all cars, either clutch or automatic drive.

Guaranteed for Life of Car on Which Originally Installed

Price $6.95 Delivered to You

Punch and Judy Theater Hides Camera from Children (Jul, 1942)

This is actually a really good idea.

Punch and Judy Theater Hides Camera from Children
Getting young children to pose naturally indoors for a portrait is far from easy, as many amateur photographers have discovered. If much work of this type is to be done, it pays to follow the example of successful professionals and give the children something interesting to look at. In one studio devoted to child photography, the camera is set up behind a Punch and Judy theater. The children are fascinated by the puppets and pay little or no attention to anything else, so that it is a simple matter to take their pictures.
—Lawrence Gottlieb.

Postman Goes Around on Motor Scooter (Jul, 1939)

Now they have Segways.

Postman Goes Around on Motor Scooter
Motorized scooters for footsore mailmen are proposed by Henry R. Smith, letter carrier, of Columbia, S. C, who has constructed one of his own. The driver stands at the rear and steers with one hand, operating a combined clutch and brake control with the other. A gasoline motor drives the four-wheeled vehicle at four to twelve miles an hour. In tests, the scooter cut as much as two hours from the time required to cover an eight-mile route. Smith’s machine cost him $150 to build, but he estimates that mass production would cut the cost away down.

Build a Fan Motor Television Receiver (Jan, 1932)

A Fan Motor Television Receiver for Experimenters


Here is a simple and easily-built type of television receiver with which you can pick up the television images now being transmitted over the air from a number of stations.

THE time is now ripe for radio fans who build their own sets to construct a television receiver. Several broadcasting stations are on the air transmitting on both long and short waves, and have so perfected their apparatus that a simple receiver like that illustrated in the accompanying drawings will bring out the pictures with a fair degree of clarity and brilliancy.

Learn Karate (Jul, 1973)




In the shortest time you can learn the fantastic secrets of self-defense and you’ll never be afraid again! This unique Home Course will reveal hundreds of fighting secrets that you can put to immediate use. Easy and exciting to learn, you’ll be able to master any difficult situation. In less than 15 minutes a day, the knowledge of the World’s Top Fighting Experts can be Yours!! Regardless of your age, you can master this TOTAL SELF-DEFENSE SYSTEM! It doesn’t require muscles or size to be a MASTER at self-defense, but it does require KNOW-HOW!! The knowledge of Karate has enabled small, slight men to successfully and completely protect themselves from men twice their size; in just seconds the Karate Master can completely immobilize any attacker-destroying him!

President Gets Telegraph Key (Jul, 1939)

I was not aware that F.D.R gave many speeches via telegraph. I must say his fireside chats would have lost something if they were entirely composed of dots and dashes.

President Gets Telegraph Key
A new official telegraph key for the White House, for use when Presidents officiate by proxy at distant ceremonies, has been presented to President Roosevelt by Western Union.

Photographic Monstrosities (Jan, 1938)

Long before the distort and spherize filters in Photoshop, photographers used the advanced tea-spoon filter.

Photographic Monstrosities

by Paul Hadley

FREAKISH photographs, in which the image of a person’s head or body appears hideously distorted, are frequently seen in picture exhibitions and in advertising. These always attract the eye, but the amateur picture-maker generally considers the making of these photographic “monstrosities” as beyond his ability.



WHEN a “flock of geese” turned out to be a fleet of airplanes, an idea was born in the mind of an engineer. And that idea led to the development of an entirely new design for automobiles.

Ever alert for ideas that may result in a more efficient motor, a better brake or a safer steering system, the engineer usually is the first to catch a vision of what is to come. Then, from its conception in the engineer’s brain, every new car and every part in it traces a trail of trial and error over the drafting board, through wind tunnel and precision tests, to the proving ground and Anally into actual production.