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Woman Invents Dimple Machine (Oct, 1936)

Woman Invents Dimple Machine

DIMPLES are now made to order! These aids to beauty can be produced as the result of a new invention
by Isabella Gilbert of Rochester, N. Y. The device consists of a face-fitting spring carrying two tiny knobs which press into the cheeks.

Glow in the Dark Products (Oct, 1947)

Love to pray, but hate those pesky lights? Be the first on your block with a glow in the dark crucifix!

Glows in the Dark

Free Sample

Be the first to sell luminous house numbers, light switch plates, wall protectors, pull cords. Also luminous pictures, statues, decals, and a host of religious, nursery and other objects that glow in the dark. Get into this new and growing industry.
Enormous demand… no competition … sensational demonstration… big profits. Represent a large manufacturer, established over 34 years. Write today-for liberal money-making offer and free sample to show how they glow in the dark.

303 Fourth Ave.,
New York 10, N.Y.


Willkie or Roosevelt?

HUMMING over wires from every corner of the nation, election returns in a few days will bring the answer to the question of America’s 40,000,000 voters: Who’s elected ?

Years ago, many days would pass before positive results of a Presidential election were known. Today it is a matter of hours and minutes. To make this possible, a scientific network of communication machines—teletypes, telephones, telegraph, and radio—manned by an army of workers, has been recruited and promises the earliest election returns in history. But nothing will aid the vote gatherers more than the voting machines that this year number 35,000 in twenty-two states.

First used around the turn of the century, the voting machine, by reason of its speed, accuracy, and honesty, has come up in popularity until this year it will tabulate nearly a third of the votes cast.

So you may see how modern high-speed machines count the votes, Popular Science selected a typical Mr. and Mrs. America and, in the series of pictures that follows, starts you around the clock with them on Election Day and shows you how they may well know on the same night “who’s elected!”

Moving Reflectors Protect Riders (Jan, 1936)

Moving Reflectors Protect Riders

MOVING reflectors mounted on bicycle pedals provide a conspicuous warning to motorists of the rider ahead. They are easier to see than the stationary type, the flashing disks attracting immediate attention. They are the invention of an English bus driver.

Aquaplane Towed by Auto Outrigger in New Water Sport (Jan, 1932)

Aquaplane Towed by Auto Outrigger in New Water Sport

WATER enthusiasts are now able to skip along Pacific waves without actually going to sea. A 20-foot pole attached by a swivel to the rear end of an automoible does the trick. The aquaplane rider skims over water two feet deep as the car speeds 20 miles along the beach. The pole is fastened by a bolt attached to a rear bumper and can be swung over when the car is turned around.

One brace rope swung from the top of the spare tire or the handle of the door fitting over the rumble seat holds the pole horizontal while a forward brace rope, swinging back from the radiator cap, holds the pole against the backward pull. The weight of the entire additional equipment, including pole and rope, is only 34 pounds.

Give Santa a Hand (Nov, 1950)

Give Santa a Hand

Route those toy orders to Santa through your workshop. Here are 10 wooden ones to bring shrieks of delight from your youngsters on Christmas morn

By Marvin Hartley

SANTA’S job will be easier when you turn toymaker and lend a helping hand to relieve the burden on his North Pole workshop. Among this group of 10 exciting toys, there’s at least one that will surely make Christmas extra merry for some youngster. Except for the lighthouse stool, bucking bronco and the burp gun, which require some sheet metal, all of the toys are made mostly of wood.

Versatile Gun (Aug, 1957)

This Gun

Fires Triangular Cartridges!
Is a 20-Shot Revolver!
Can Be Loaded While Firing!
Comes With Two Barrel Sizes!
Can Be Converted To a Rifle!

THE revolutionary new Dardick open chamber revolver is as versatile as a six-armed monkey. It comes with two different sized barrels, converts from a pistol to a rifle, fires 20 triangular cartridges, ejects fired cases and can be loaded while firing. The double-action, semiautomatic gun uses the special .38 or .22 Dardick cartridge or, with a simple adapter, any standard ammunition. Open chamber ejection makes it possible to build lighter and faster firing weapons that are more reliable at less cost than standard guns.

CAR GUN RACK (Dec, 1953)


When you go hunting, do you throw your guns and cases on the back floor or trunk of your car? I did, too, until I happened on the CAR GUN RACK made by Powermaster Corp. of Alhambra, Calif. I took its picture on the back seat of a beautiful, brand new Chevvie although it will fit any car. It’s made of mahogany, holds three rifles or shotguns and just hooks over the seat. Incidentally, it can hang on the wall of your cabin, just as easily.

Novel Program Can Be Read in Dark Theater (Jun, 1939)

Novel Program Can Be Read in Dark Theater

What good is a program in a darkened theater during a show? No good, decided an English inventor, so he developed a semitransparent program which theater-goers simply hold up so that light from the stage or moving-picture screen is behind it. Outlines of the printed matter on the program thus are silhouetted so that they become readable, regardless of how low the theater lights are turned.

Pirate’s Peg Leg Holds Cribbage Cards (Jan, 1932)

Pirate’s Peg Leg Holds Cribbage Cards

FIFTEEN men on the dead mans chest,

Yo-ho-ho and a bottle of rum! Drink and the devil had done for the rest,

Yo-ho-ho and a bottle of rum!

Pirates! That’s exactly what the above chanty spells. This cribbage set is directly connected with a famous old pirate, the one that every one has heard about—Captain John Silver. What was the most conspicuous thing about old John Silver? You’ve guessed it! His peg leg! You just can’t picture John Silver without a peg leg. This cribbage set utilizes that famous peg leg, or rather a miniature of it. The crotch of the leg holds the cards and the hollowed out peg holds the four cribbage pegs.