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Radio Set Automatically Tunes in Station When Asked (Apr, 1934)

Radio Set Automatically Tunes in Station When Asked

A RADIO set, recently displayed in London, will tune in on any station it is asked to get.

A few seconds after merely telling the set the name of the station wanted, the program softly comes forth, without tuning noises. One of the wonders of modern radio, it will furnish one with television programs, for it is equipped with a television receiver, too.



In the future, monster implements of war may be controlled from a distance by the mere turning of a radio dial. A Japanese army officer, Major Nagayama, has invented a means of directing by radio the movements of a tank able to travel at a speed of five miles an hour.

Already wireless control of airplanes has been successfully attempted in England, according to reports. A master radio set took the place of the pilot, acting through tiny compressed air motors which worked the plane’s controls.

New De Luxe Sleeper Planes (Mar, 1936)

New De Luxe Sleeper Planes

THE day was, when to ride in an airplane was an adventure, and one which involved a degree of “roughing it.” The newest plane design carries all the facilities of luxury and comfort afforded by any form of transportation; made possible by the great size of the new high-speed transports. The new Douglas Sleeper Transports, of American Airlines, pictured here, have a wing span of 95 feet, an over-all length of 65 feet, and height of 17-1/2; feet; the gross weight is 24,000 pounds, and they can carry 24 passengers each as day planes, or 16 as night passengers, with sleeping accommodations.

Catapulted “Bomb” Puts Out Fire (Aug, 1935)

Catapulted “Bomb” Puts Out Fire

A GLASS “bomb” fire extinguisher throws itself into the flames when heat melts a plug to release spring tension in the wall bracket. When catapulted, the bursting bulb spreads an extinguishing fluid to smother flame.

Turntable Swings Autos To Pumps In Rotary Gas Station (Apr, 1935)

Turntable Swings Autos To Pumps In Rotary Gas Station

A NEW type of filling station that uses a turntable to whirl automobiles around a center service island was recently opened in New York.

The service island is set in the center of the turntable and consists of an enclosed office with three separate pumping units to dispense gasoline, oil, air, and water.

Strange PERILS of Making MOVIES Beneath the Sea (Sep, 1933)

Strange PERILS of Making MOVIES Beneath the Sea

Hollywood’s most intrepid cameraman relates startling adventures he has encountered making undersea movies which chill your blood.

by HOMER SCOTT – Pioneer Underwater Cameraman

IN 14 years I probably have gazed into the cold eyes of more curious fish and looked on the bodies of more actors and actresses beneath the sea than any other man. From the shores of Southern California to the rocky coast of the Socorro islands, far south in the Pacific, and even off the shores of New Zealand I have descended many times in one of my half-bells, my legs dangling puppet-like in the cold water, to photograph dramas that sometimes thrilled me more than were the audiences that viewed the results on the screen. ] When the editors of Modern Mechanix and Inventions asked me to write of the thrills and tell you how these scenes are filmed, I said to myself, “Gosh, there’s nothing very interesting about undersea picture-taking.”

Brushing Up With His Invention (Aug, 1941)

Brushing Up With His Invention

DON LEVERIDGE, 22-year-old senior of the University of Chicago, demonstrates his revolving toothbrush, which uses a hand-operated crank as its power source. The young lady is using an ordinary toothbrush which, according to Don, is old-fashioned in the light of his invention. He has already talked 200 of his fellow students into using his type of brush, and has great hopes for marketing it nationally.

Robot Clock Latest Home Aid (Apr, 1934)

So, that woman took her electric toaster/heater into the shower? Not too bright.

Robot Clock Latest Home Aid

From furniture expositions in Chicago and London come these latest appliances for making housework more pleasant. A robot alarm clock that pours hot tea; midget radio in the kitchen stove; davenport makes 3 chairs; handy electric heater; and clothes line cleaner.

Bizarre Eat Shops Built to Lure Trade (Apr, 1934)

That flower pot tearoom is pretty awesome.

Bizarre Eat Shops Built to Lure Trade

An ice cream maker’s specialty is cones. His shops throughout the city are shaped like inverted cones, thus advertising his wares and drawing attention.

HOT DOGS are purveyed by this eat shop, so the showman instincts of the proprietor have caused him to model the exterior of his stand after a puppy.



Clean, odorless heat for inclosed automobiles is provided by an easily attached valve that makes use of the hot water from the car’s radiator instead of the exhaust gases. This not only keeps the interior of the car at an even temperature, but helps to control the heat of the motor, assuring easier starting and smoother operation. Also, it eliminates noise, carbon, and soot. It is said that the system provides heat within four minutes after the motor is started and keeps it up at any speed.