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Modern Papoose (Aug, 1945)

Doesn’t it seem like those straps would have a pretty good chance of strangling the baby if it ever slipped?

Modern Papoose
THOUGH transportation problems are improving, it still remains difficult to park Junior whilst marketing or running
other errands. The above idea, swiped from our red brothers, takes care of the problem. Pad a blanket on the board before lacing the baby in place in a second blanket folded under him.

On-the-spot copying… (Oct, 1961)

On-the-spot copying…

A welcome convenience for you and your secretary… yours for as little as $99.50 with a Kodak Verifax Copier.

Put a Kodak Verifax Copier near your secretary’s desk and you won’t lose her for 10 minutes every time you need copies. Also, you’ll save 35c (or more) in secretarial “travel time” every time she makes copies for you. Which, in itself, soon pays for your Verifax Copier. And what a convenience!


I wonder if these were considered funny at the time. Or they were lame, even in 1909?


A Firm Answer
The Rev. Mr. Freuder, of Philadelphia, tells this story of himself.

Some time ago he was invited to dine at the house of a friend, whose wife went into her kitchen to give some final orders. Incidentally, she added to the servant, “We are to have a Jewish rabbi for dinner today.”

For a moment the maid surveyed her mistress in grim silence. Then she spoke with decision. “All I have to say is,” she announced, “if you have a Jewish rabbi for dinner, you’ll cook it yourself.”—Lippincott’s.

SOS Detective… (Mar, 1947)

SOS Detective…

Translating distress signals into beams of light, this Navy-developed rescue aid speedily plots the position of ships or planes in trouble at sea. Tiny camera projectors interpret bearings received from direction-finding stations; the intersection of their beams on the map indicates the position of the craft in distress. The dial above the chart automatically gives the course to the position.

Dolls Delight Grown-ups, Too (Dec, 1950)

When I first looked at the doll on the second page I thought that the basket was actually inside her chest cavity, which at least made the article seem a little grotesque. Alas, it is simply a 10 page article about collecting dolls. Please try to contain your excitement.

Dolls Delight Grown-ups, Too

LUCY CUNNINGHAM Photographs by Jacoby’s Photo Service and I. Cunningham

“Whether you have one doll or a hundred, whether you buy for yourself or for others, no matter how you do it— doll collecting is fun,” says Lucy Cunningham.

Radio Amateurs Get Tower Clubhouse (Oct, 1940)

Radio Amateurs Get Tower Clubhouse

CONVERTED into an up-to-date radio station, an old stone observatory at Manchester, N. H., now serves a threefold purpose. As a public facility of the city, its short-wave outfit has been turned over to amateur radio enthusiasts, who have formed a club to share its use.

LASER (Feb, 1968)


LASER PISTOL, How To Build………………$1.00

LASER RIFLE. ELECTRONIC LASER, LASER COMMUNICATION, HELIUM-NEON LASER, $4.95 ea. Directions, Instructions. Parts Lists. Manufacturer’s Addresses, LASER PROJECT CATALOGUE….25c.

“Sea Water” Metal Used to Make Plane (Feb, 1949)

“Sea Water” Metal Used to Make Plane

Sea and air combine in a five-seater British personal plane made of magnesium alloy, an element extracted from sea water. Though the metal weighs less than the lightest aluminum, the wings in bending tests have withstood deflection five times greater than is required. Expected to fly over 200 m.p.h., the unorthodox craft was designed by an “amateur” who had never before worked around airplanes.

Single Button Adjusts Camera for Making Any Snapshot (Apr, 1940)

If you move something to various positions I’m pretty sure it shouldn’t be called a “button”.

Single Button Adjusts Camera for Making Any Snapshot

As A convenient time-saver for snapshooters, a new camera is equipped with a lens diaphragm that is coupled to the setting mechanism of the shutter so that only one adjustment is necessary before taking a picture.


There actually are few liquid mirror telescopes in operation at the moment. The biggest is the 6 meter Large Zenith Telescope.



PROF. ROBERT W. WOOD, of the Johns Hopkins University, has perfected an invention — based on a discovery — that may revolutionize the present costly and cumbersome methods of studying the stars and exploring the universe for new planets, suns, moons, and asteroids.