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Senses of Blind Not More Acute / Illuminated Dog to Lead Blind (Sep, 1930)

What exactly is an illuminated dog? Is it a dog with a light on it? Because I think dogs can see fairly well in the dark..

Senses of Blind Not More Acute

THE popular idea that blind persons develop especially delicate senses of hearing and touch to compensate in part for loss of sight is exploded by Professor Pierre Villey, of the University of Caen, France, in summarizing recent psychological and physiological tests.

New PUZZLE TRICK Taxes Dexterity (Jan, 1933)

New PUZZLE TRICK Taxes Dexterity

IF YOU are an ambitious home shop fan, desirous of turning bits of time and materials into cash, this grooved puzzle will fill the bill. It consists of a disc of wood with three grooves of varying diameters, and a center compartment. Somewhere in these recesses are three 5/16″ steel balls.

Mercury Turbine Now a Success (Mar, 1931)

Thankfully Mercury Vapor Turbines are now obsolete.

Mercury Turbine Now a Success

New Power Idea Proves Its Value in Practical Use As Quicksilver Vapor Spins Electric Generator


WHEN, in 1914, William LeRoy Emmet, General Electric Company research engineer, first proposed that mercury vapor instead of steam could be used to drive a turbine wheel, scientists and engineers scoffed at him.