December, 2012 Monthly archive
“Mine says made in Japan” (Jan, 1969)

I didn’t realize the fear of Japanese manufacturing went back to the sixties. I wonder what flavor it was. “All this cheap crap is made in Japan” or “Oh my god Japan is 20 years ahead of us, pretty soon they’ll own all of America and we’ll all be living in a William Gibson novel.”

“Mine says made in Japan”

Scale-Model Farm (Apr, 1948)

I really like the glossy saturated color printing they used in the mid-40’s.

Scale-Model Farm

LEOPOLD ARMBRUSTER, recovering from a leg ailment, found he was a top-flight miniaturist.

He laid a board on his lap (for a bench) and started whittling out a farm building. His fingers flew. His farm grew. In six months it was a vast table-top establishment complete with eight buildings, cows, horses, sheep, hogs, rabbits, chickens, pigeons, people and wagons—all boiled down to a scale of 1/4 in. to 1 ft.—a masterpiece of fine detail.

His buildings come apart and are fully equipped with rooms, furniture, stalls, chutes, etc. Animals and men are molded of clay.

JOHN WAYNE (Nov, 1954)

When did people stop using the term “houseboy” in a non-sexual manner?


Discovered by Director John Ford in the late twenties, Wayne progressed from stagehand to star. His simple formula, “Everybody loves a hero,” has kept him gainfully employed in nearly two hundred movies, with no end in sight.


John Wayne, a balding and rather homely forty-seven-year-old former football player, is one of Hollywood’s three biggest box-office attractions, and has been for the past four years. Yet according to all the accepted rules for success, John Wayne has no business being a movie star.

When Are Women Most Receptive? / ALL THE BEST SEX (Mar, 1964)

When Are Women Most Receptive?

Surprisingly, for many women the peak of sexual desire occurs around the time of menstruation. By Isadore Rubin, Ph.D.

Dr. Rubin is Managing Editor of this publication.

Sexologists have long pondered over the question of when females are most receptive to sexual approaches by males. It is, surprisingly, a complex question which even yet is subject to debate.

Rosicrucians: The Memory of an Atom (Jan, 1942)

The Rosicrucians seem to have a knack for pulling science imagery into their ads.

The Memory of an Atom

Can The Past Be Awakened–

WERE THE ANCIENTS RIGHT? Does the whirling heart of an atom contain the secret of the universe? If everything from a grain of sand to the mighty stars—including man—is composed of atoms, do these particles contain the infinite intelligence which ordained and directs all things? Shall man at last find within them his true purpose in the scheme of things?

The SWIFT (Jun, 1946)



Long cruising range, adaptability and fine performance make this one of the most popular new planes.

ONE thing can be said for the Swift right from the start—it’s a corking good airplane and offers the guy who wants to fly a lot more value than its price of $3,495.00 indicates. It’s all-metal, one of the first samples of production-line technique applied to the aircraft industry.

Plastic Raincoat for Hats (Oct, 1946)

Plastic Raincoat for Hats

A civilian adaptation of the waterproof hat covers worn by service men during the war is now available. Called Rainat, the cover is made of transparent vinyl plastic film, and is provided in three sizes.

The Miracle of the BAR BELLS (Jul, 1952)

The Miracle of the BAR BELLS

Within the past few years more than three million muscle-mad males have taken the weightlifting way toward keeping fit.

By Morris Hall

AN astonishing wave of elbow-bending is sweeping the country these days. And the surprising fact is that those who indulge regularly become trim physical specimens!



Two Louisiana women discover that they can increase the monetary value of a sheep pelt nine times by turning it into a fluffy, white rug.


Living near De Ridder, Louisiana, are two hobbyists who don’t count sheep (when they retire for the evening) but do count sheep pelts. They are Mrs. Virginia Dittmeyer and Mrs. Dot Graber, who live in the sheep-raising territory of their home state.

Small Dirigible TOWS GLIDER (Jan, 1930)

Small Dirigible TOWS GLIDER

TWO unusual glider events took place recently at Akron, Ohio, municipal airport. One, believed to be the first of its kind ever attempted, was the successful towing of a glider by a small dirigible.