December, 2012 Monthly archive
Better Kitchen Methods for Modern Housewives (Apr, 1923)

Better Kitchen Methods for Modern Housewives

By using the mixer and automatic oil dropper shown above, French dressing to please the most fastidious palate is guaranteed, as the oil can be measured by the drop.

To protect fine glass and china from hard porcelain, flexible boards of soft wood are designed to fit over sink edges, on drainboards, or on the sink bottom.

Musical Cake Plays a Tune (Sep, 1939)

Musical Cake Plays a Tune
If you start to cut the first slice of your birthday cake, and the cake suddenly begins to play a tune, don’t be alarmed. It’s probably a musical cake of the kind introduced recently by a Brooklyn, N. Y., bakery. A diminutive music box is embedded in the bottom of the cake, and set off when a string is cut with the knife that cuts into the cake. Eighteen separate tunes are available, ranging from “Rockabye Baby” all the way to “Who’s Afraid of the Big, Bad Wolf?”

From Ten Parts You Can Build Twenty Model Planes (Aug, 1931)

From Ten Parts You Can Build Twenty Model Planes


THIS single-stick airplane model of ten simple parts is so designed that it can be converted into twenty different types of flying models. It opens new fields for the model enthusiast to conquer. Through building it, the beginner can master a variety of construction methods while actually expending the time and material necessary to make only one model; and the expert can adapt the principles for use on any pet model of his own. To the best of the writer’s knowledge, the model is the first of its type.

Ask your wife if this isn’t so… (Jun, 1935)

What is J.B. doing in that office?

Ask your wife if this isn’t so…


No man in his sane moments really wants to look older than his age. In this competitive world of ours youth gets the breaks. Old age is a handicap at every turn.

Sun Still is a 24-inch Vinylite plastic (Dec, 1951)

I just like the giant drinking straw. They should combine this with a Sodastream and use the CO2 for flotation.

Sun Still is a 24-inch Vinylite plastic

sphere which desalts ocean water and makes it drinkable. Black inner bag absorbs sun’s heat and evaporates water leaving salt residue. Vapors condense as fresh water in reservoir chamber. Still provides 2-1/2 quarts daily, folds into small container.

Stratosphere Suit Tested in “Dry-Ice” Tank (Jun, 1934)

Testing suits for new environments can always be a bit dangerous. Here’s a pretty cool YouTube video of a guy testing a space suit who got exposed to vacuum. (he wasn’t injured)

Stratosphere Suit Tested in “Dry-Ice” Tank

How would you train for a flight to the stratosphere? Mark Ridge, Massachusetts aviator, who plans an airplane trip into the region of rare air and intense cold high above the earth, did it by entering a tank filled with carbonated ice to maintain it at a temperature of 110 degrees below zero, much colder than any temperature he will encounter in the stratosphere. He had a special suit made to protect him from the cold and intended to stay in the tank for half an hour to determine if the uniform would keep him warm. The cold did not bother him but he emerged after a brief stay because the fumes from the ice penetrated the mask he wore.

Swinging Arm Dolls Bring Extra Revenue (Jan, 1933)

Swinging Arm Dolls Bring Extra Revenue

FOR the person who desires to earn extra income in spare moments, these swinging-arm dolls will bring in some welcome revenue. The originator used three patterns, a sailor and the “Dutch Twins,” which proved very popular when put on display along a main highway.

Thousand-Mile Lightning Rod PROTECTS GREATEST POWER LINE (Jul, 1934)


CARRYING the heaviest electrical current ever conducted by a commercial power line, the longest and most efficient transmission system in the world will soon be in operation between Boulder Dam on the Colorado River and Los Angeles, Calif.

…electronics in the news (Dec, 1960)

I love the contrast of the tiny Vidicon tube and the Perceptron that apparently requires giant letters and lots of lighting to do it’s recognition. Incidentally the Perceptron was an early neural network implementation.

…electronics in the news

SKY EYE FOR TV: The Editors of Electronics Illustrated are accustomed to receiving photos of pretty girls holding things from the manufacturers of tubes and other electronic components. We thought

Cordless Wonder (Nov, 1979)

Note the “awe-shucks” pseudo-honesty about the phone’s flaws.

Cordless Wonder

For $89.95 the Mura cordless telephone sounds like a bargain. But wait until you hear about its many disadvantages.

It’s about time. For years you’ve seen ads for cordless telephones selling for between three and four hundred dollars.