30 Days Ago They Laughed at Me (Oct, 1924)

30 Days Ago They Laughed at Me

I never would have believed that anyone could become popular overnight. And yet—here’s what happened.

ONE evening, about a month ago, I went to a dance. Just a jolly, informal sort of dance where everyone knew almost everyone else. I wouldn’t have gone to a really big or important dance, because I—well, I wasn’t sure of myself.

There was a young woman at this dance I had long wanted to meet. Someone introduced us, and before I knew it I was dancing with her. That is, I was trying to dance with her. She was an exquisite dancer, graceful, poised, at ease. Her steps were in perfect harmony with the music.

But I, clumsy boor that I was, found myself following her instead of leading. And I couldn’t follow! I stumbled through the steps. You cannot imagine how uncomfortable I was, how conspicuous I felt.

Suddenly I realized that we were practically the only couple on the floor. The boys had gathered in a little group and were laughing. I knew, in an instant, that they were laughing at me. I glanced at my partner, and saw that she, too, was smiling. She had entered into the fun. Fun! At my expense!

I felt myself blushing furiously, and I rated myself for it. Very well. Let them laugh. Someday I would show them. Someday I would laugh at them as they had laughed at me.

All the way home I told myself over and over again that I would become a perfect dancer, that I would amaze and astonish them. But how? I couldn’t go to a dancing school because of the time and expense. I certainly couldn’t afford a dancing instructor. What could I do? It dawned on me— a plan flashed through my mind.

Popular Overnight!

When I arrived home I found the magazine I had been reading the night before. One clip of the shears, a few words quickly written, a trip to the corner mail-box—and the first part of my plan was carried out. I had sent for Arthur Murray’s free dancing lessons.

Somehow I didn’t believe that dancing could be learned by mail. But there was nothing to risk— and think of the joy of being able to astound them all at the dance.

The free lessons arrived and I was amazed at the ease with which I mastered a fascinating new fox-trot step. I learned how to lead, how to have ease and confidence while dancing, how to follow if my partner leads, how to dance in harmony with the music. It was fun to follow the simple diagrams and instructions. I gained a wonderful new ease and poise. Now I have the time of my life at parties and never hesitate to dance with the best dancers of my set.

You, too, can quickly learn dancing at home, without music and without a partner. More than 200,000 men and women have become accomplished dancers through Arthur Murray’s remarkable new method-Send today for the five free lessons. They will tell you more than anything we could possibly say. These five lessons which tell you the secret of leading, how to follow successfully, how to gain confidence, how to fox-trot and how to waltz— these complete five lessons are yours to keep, without obligation. Arthur Murray wants you to send for them at once, today—so that you can see for yourself how quickly and easily dancing can be mastered at home.

Clip and mail this coupon NOW. Please include 10c to cover the cost of handling, mailing, and printing. Arthur Murray, Studio 281, 801 Madison Ave., New York.

  1. Blurgle says: November 4, 20076:11 pm

    Does anyone else get the feeling that the three guys in the background are about to take him out behind the dancehall and break his legs?

  2. bertfw says: November 7, 20075:37 am

    If the dance lessons really worked shouldn’t he be dancing with the two girls?

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