$300 in 30 Days! (Sep, 1915)

“remember, fully 70% of homes have no bathrooms”

$300 in 30 Days!

Made by one Robinson salesman. You—yourself—can positively make $60 and expenses every week. I want men like you. Bustling. energetic, ambitious fellows, anxious to make money, who are willing to work with me. Not for me, but with me. I want you to advertise, sell, and appoint local agents for the most, most sensational seller In 50 years—the ROBINSON FOLDING BATH TUB. Here’s an absolutely new Invention that has taken the entire country by storm. Nothing else like It. Gives every home a modern up-to-date bathroom In any part or the house. No plumbing, no waterworks needed. Folds In small roll, handy as an umbrella. Sell-emptying and positively unleakable. Absolutely guaranteed for 10 years. Hustlers, east, north, west, south, —coining money. Orders, orders, everywhere. Badly wanted, eagerly bought, for remember, fully 70% of homes have no bathrooms. Immense profits for you. Two sales a day means $300 month. Here’s proof—real proof. Breeze, of Idaho, made $400 profit in 30 days. Rev. Otto Schulze, Mo., got $1600 to date. Burkholder, Mont., orders $1072 in 17 days. Hamlinton, of Wyo., made $60 first two days. Hundreds like that. Pleasant, permanent, fascinating work. This is not idle talk. Make me prove it. Write a postcard. Let me write you a long letter. Then decide. No experience needed, no capital. Your credit is good if you mean business. But you must be ambitious, you must want to make money. That’s all. Write a postcard now. I want to pay you sixty dollars every week.

H.S. Robinson, Prest., The Robinson Cabinet Mfg. Co.,

1324 Factories Building
Toledo. Ohio

  1. Toronto says: August 30, 201212:46 pm

    “Self emptying” is seen as a feature.

  2. Charlene says: August 30, 201210:08 pm

    I’m trying to figure out how that would work in the absence of plumbing. Maybe a hose fits to it, but then how do you get it to drain?

  3. Stephen says: August 31, 20124:34 am

    Charlene: I can only suppose you were supposed to wash outside. I remember my mother doing that with us in a plastic bath tub when we were VERY small children, but only in the summer!

  4. JMyint says: August 31, 20127:05 am

    When I was little the woman that would babysit sit me had a galvanized bathtub that sat on her screened porch. The indoor plumbing of her house consisted of a flush toilet and sink in a water closet and a kitchen sink. To fill the tub she heated buckets of water on the stove. To empty it there was a a valve at the foot of the tub.

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