35 YEARS OF Sports Cars (Oct, 1954)

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35 YEARS OF Sports Cars

Here is an over-all view of some of the cars on display in the Henry Ford Museum during the recent Sports Cars Unlimited show. In the foreground is a 1952 Ferrari 212 worth $13,000.

One-of-a-kind Vega, made by Vince Gardner. Detroit. is Ford V-8 60-powered. will hit 100 mph.

Rare type 44 Bugatti was famous for its jewel-like precision, top performance in competition.

This sleek 1927 Alfa-Romeo was “modern” in concept even had dome-shaped combustion chambers.

An interesting hybrid is this custom-styled MG Ford, employing a full-race Ford V-8 60 engine.

One of the real oldies represented, this 1919 Hispano-Suiza “Alphonso XIII” could do 90 mph.

Beautiful 1936 Squire. upper right was guaranteed to top 100 mph. Only 20 were manufactured.

Competition special Nash-Healey. right placed eleventh in the 1953 Le Mans contest in France.

Thanon Custom is constructed from the parts of eleven different U. S. autos from 1946 to 1953.

This 1934 Lagonda. one of the most famous names in sports-car circles, won the ’35 Le Mans race.

Stuart Special combines a lowered 1949 Ford body with a Mercedes 170 frame, rear-mounted engine.

Little 1953 Deutsch-Bonnet, with a 3/4-liter engine. is known as “The Giant Killer” in Europe.

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