5 amazing RCA TUBE IMPROVEMENTS that put new life in your Radio (Feb, 1934)

5 amazing RCA TUBE IMPROVEMENTS that put new life in your Radio

“BULLEEVE ME!” New tubes do make a difference when you listen to Fanny Brice.

Don’t buy any tubes today without knowing that you are getting these 5 remarkable improvements that will really put new life in your set! These great advances have come out of the RCA Radiotron Company’s laboratories, developed by world-famous engineers for you. You get them in RCA Radiotrons and Cunningham Radio Tubes… and these two tubes are the only ones actually made and guaranteed by RCA Radiotron Company, Inc., to give you these 5 great improvements.

Have your dealer test your tubes. Replace the worn-out ones with these new tubes. You will get a new thrill out of radio. RCA Radiotron Company, Inc., Camden, N. J. A Radio Corporation of America subsidiary.


1. Precision Construction… makes every tube a “matched” tube.

2. More Efficient Cathodes… assure uniform performance throughout life.

3. Improved Heater Design… reduces hum, eliminates noise from heater – cathode circuit and gives quick action.

4. Higher Vacuum… results in quieter operation.

5. Cooler Grids… prevent fluctuation in volume due to erratic tube performance.

RCA Cunningham Radiotron


  1. Toronto says: August 28, 20121:22 pm

    Fanny Brice, of course, was the subject of “Funny Girl”.

    For the younger set, “Funny Girl” was a film starring Barbra Streisand.

    (And Babs is a singer/actress. Film is what we used to call long form videos.)

  2. Stephen says: August 29, 20123:11 am

    Fanny Brice can be seen in person and at full strength in the “Sweepstakes” sketch in “The Ziegfield Follies”.

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