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Bernard Shaw’s Rotating House Is an Aid to Health (Aug, 1929)

Bernard Shaw’s Rotating House Is an Aid to Health

A REVOLVING turntable is one of the factors in the splendid health of George Bernard Shaw, famous English author. At the age of 72, he is in the prime of physical condition and attributes it partially to his appreciation of sunlight. Mr. Shaw has a plan to keep the sun shining on him constantly while he works.

Making Odd Masks Is New Hobby (Aug, 1933)

Making Odd Masks Is New Hobby

MAKING masks of celebrities from unique materials is a new hobby for the artistically inclined. Below are shown two of the masks, one of George Bernard Shaw, the famous Irish author, and the other of Greta Garbo, movie star. Mr. Shaw’s face is made from tin, his whiskers from brushes. Garbo’s hair is made from steel wool.

Golden Signatures (Mar, 1952)

Golden Signatures

By E. R. Kurnik

Whenever great men take pen in hand, they create valuable historical documents, avidly sought after by America’s autograph collectors.

AT the National Antique Show held in . New York City recently, a New Jersey housewife presented a bundle of letters for evaluation. She had found them in her attic. Sigmund Rothschild, well-known appraiser, looked them over carefully.

“Madam,” he said excitedly, “these letters are a very important historical find.”

Six of them proved to have been written by Abraham Lincoln’s wife Mary to Abram Wakeman. Rothschild valued them at more than $100,000.