A Boardwalk Train (Oct, 1937)

A Boardwalk Train

A TRACKLESS train, run by storage batteries, now appears in Atlantic City.

The train was one of the exhibits of the Convention of the Association of American Railroads, and is the first of a group to take the place of wheel chairs.

  1. Toronto says: February 20, 20138:10 pm

    “The train .. is.. to take the place of wheel chairs.” At first read, that sounds odd. Did they mean rickshaw-style human powered conveyances?

  2. Hirudinea says: February 21, 20138:16 am

    @ Toronto – Yep, the “wheel chairs” are a type of pushed rickshaw, they’ve used them in Atlantic city for years, here’s the best picture I could find. http://media.nj.com/led…

  3. Toronto says: February 21, 201311:11 am

    @ Hirudinea – thanks. I’ve never been closer to Atlantic City than a Monopoly board.

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