A College for Police (Apr, 1930)

A College for Police

A scene at the new Police College established by the City of New York for scientific training of officers of the law—”rookies” receiving instruction in scaling walls, with the aid of ropes, to save life at fires.

Stanley Gorman, ballistic expert of the Police College, at work in his laboratory. Here bullets, examined under the microscope, are identified by the “fingerprint” marks which the weapons that fired them made.

The photograph at the right shows future police officers receiving instruction in the handling and shooting of service pistols on the range of New York City’s Police College.

An officer of the New York emergency squad demonstrates to students the loading of tear gas bombs, the latest chemical weapon employed against criminals. These particular bombs were shipped to the State Prison at Auburn, N. Y. by airplane during the recent convict outbreak.

The morning line-up of criminals in New York police headquarters. As they stand on the platform, blinding lights above their heads prevent their seeing detectives examining them.

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