A Distinguished Symbol of Social Prestige (Feb, 1929)

A Distinguished Symbol of Social Prestige

You have only to pause where the smartest people congregate, you have only to check the social register, and you will inevitably discover a preponderance of Cadillacs and La Salles . . . The simple, bald fact about this is that men and women who know motor cars know too that if they want to ride and drive as Cadillac-La Salle ride and drive they must eliminate every other car from consideration . . . For the truth of all truths about Cadillac-La Salle—and something that you know full well — is just this: it is because of inherent and surpassing excellence that there is no substitute for the priceless possession and prestige of a Cadillac-built car . . . De luxe Fisher and Fleetwood coach work render La Salle—with the single exception of Cadillac itself—the most luxurious motoring in the world . . . La Salle is priced from $2295 to $2875 f.o.b. Detroit. Cadillac-La Salle dealers welcome business on the General Motors Deferred Payment Plan.

Division of General Motors
Detroit, Michigan | Oshawa, Canada

La Salle

  1. Paul says: June 20, 200910:38 am

    I wonder how many La Salles were sold for $100 a few months later, after their once-affluent owners were wiped out in the stock market crash.

  2. Rick Auricchio says: June 20, 20091:07 pm

    When you say LaSalle, you really do have to say “motorcar.”

  3. rick says: June 20, 20099:50 pm

    “Gee our old LaSalle ran great” Archie Bunker


  4. Firebrand38 says: June 21, 200912:06 am

    Actually Archie and Edith sang “Those Were the Days”….

    Written by Lee Adams & Charles Strouse

  5. rick says: June 21, 20093:43 pm

    Hi Firebrand. Yep you are right. In my memory I mostly heard Archie singing the line about the LaSalle. Maybe because he was louder than Edith 😉 Here’s the link.



  6. Steve says: June 24, 20098:38 pm

    Social Prestige… nice to know that class & social warfare was going on back then, 90 years ago. Just buy the right brand of car, and you are of the upper class. Same as it ever was.

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