A Head Full of Brains – A Throat Full of Gurgles (Mar, 1922)

A Head Full of Brains – A Throat Full of Gurgles

IS THAT the way you go after a job? You may have a fine set of brains but you must have a voice to prove it.

If you are not as successful as you might have been, start out right by confessing to yourself that something is wrong. There is something which prevents you from appealing to those who have an influence on your income.

Perhaps Your Voice is to Blame!

Have you ever considered that the trouble may lie with your voice? Your contact with the world depends upon your five senses—sight, smell, taste, touch and hearing. Certainly you try to dress well and to be pleasing in the sight of others. Probably you have developed a fine firm handshake. When you entertain friends at dinner you serve food that will please their taste.

But—do you do one single thing to make your voice pleasing to others? Remember that your voice is the one thing which puts you in audible touch with the world. Your voice is to you what the telephone is to your community. Your voice can make your future or it can spoil it.

You get but one chance at any big job. Are you sure that your voice won’t kill that chance ?

Do You Know Your Own Voice?

Do you know what your voice sounds like, anyway? Do you know what effect it has upon others? If it has an ill effect you will never know it, because probably there is no one in the world who will tell you about it. People hesitate to injure another’s feelings. That is the reason why thousands, even millions of men and women, have gone through the world unsuccessful, or only fairly successful, who had the brains and ability to make tremendously big successes. All of these people probably dressed well when they went after their job. Their clothes were neat and clean just like you attempt to keep yours. Their shoes were shined and their faces were smiling but they came away without the job because they couldn’t talk.

The Thrush and The Crow

Instinctively you say, “Trie wonderful thrush” and “The obnoxious crow”. The difference is wholly “voice”. You linger about and are inspired by sweet music. You get away from discord. The world is alike in the things which appeal to its senses. You may, indeed, have a head full of brains but if you have a throat full of gurgles nobody wants you around.

It makes no difference what your occupation may be. Whether you are a man or woman you cannot obtain the greatest success in any line of work if your voice is against you.

You can look in the mirror and see yourself as others see you.

If you desire, you can hear yourself as others hear you and you can be sure that the impression made by your voice is pleasing.

A Better Voice for You!

Executives, salesmen, professional men, secretaries, stenographers, department heads, everybody in the world who talks may have a better voice than he has now, and with a better voice he may be more successful. Ninety-nine out of every one hundred people have an undeveloped voice.

You are impressed by a voice—attracted to it. If it is vibrant, resonant, positive, convincing, clear-cut and deliberate, you recognize it as the voice of the able man or woman.

If it is flat, drawly, choky, negative, hesitating, guttural, slovenly, strident, choppy, spasmodic, cluttered, incoherent, stuffy, raucous, nasal or disagreeable in any way, you want to get away from both the voice and its owner.

All the world is like that.

Will you try to improve your voice —will you determine that you are going to give your voice every opportunity to help you be more successful, to enable you to make more money? It can be done easily. You can do it—easily.

A Few Minutes a Day— At Home!

Fifteen minutes a day for a few weeks will make such a wonderful change in your voice that you will scarcely believe it possible. It will give you greater assertiveness—a more pleasing personality and a positive manner which will make your arguments so much more convincing that it can scarcely do otherwise than to increase your efficiency and your income.

Write today for the book “Voice Culture” and it will be sent free, prepaid. No matter who you are, no matter what your position, write for this book for it will show you how your voice can lead you to greater success. Write today.

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