A Mobile Home — The Latest Innovation (Oct, 1937)

A Mobile Home — The Latest Innovation

HIS home on wheels, mounted upon a 1-1/2-ton truck chassis, is the newest thing in the motor world.

This type of unit provides ample room within for complete equipment but is much more easily handled and parked than the regular trailers, inasmuch as it is unified. The center photo- graph shows the table and seats in place. The table may be raised and the area then becomes available for the beds, which are similar in operation to those in Pullman sleepers. A combination refrigerator and stove is at the left.

The driver sits on a single chair-type seat; additional seating space is provided at his right, in addition to the wall side seat to the rear of him. Note the window shades on windshield and side windows; at night, the occupants are safe from prying eyes.

Interiors Are Streamlined, Too

TRAILER strides are reflected further in the photograph at the left.

All the comforts of home are available in a new trailer, including a cozy fireplace, a soft divan, good lighting arrangement and Venetian blinds.

  1. Zeppflyer says: February 7, 20139:51 am

    Until this moment, I never knew that I wanted a motorhome with a fireplace. Now there’s nothing that i want more.

  2. Hirudinea says: February 7, 20139:54 am

    I don’t think a roaring fireplace and a sudden stop are compatible.

  3. Toronto says: February 7, 20131:45 pm

    I’d like to see that combination fridge/stove. Personally, for a unit that small I’d pack a Coleman and/or have an attached “kitchen awning.”

    Meanwhile, Gus at the Model Garage thinks these “all in one buses” are a bad idea, as you have to pull up camp to go to town. A trailer makes more sense. :0)

  4. Zanesfriend says: February 14, 20135:23 pm

    @Hirudinea~I’m sure they recommend that the fireplace be out when the coach is in motion.

    @Toronto~Trailers are very hard to drive, particularly if you are doing any sort of tight maneuvering. For short trips without having to break camp, bring along a couple of bicycles. The fridge/stove combination probably was one of those old natural gas powered refrigerators. I don’t think they make them any more.

  5. Toronto says: February 14, 20139:45 pm

    @Zanesfriend: Trailers aren’t hard to tow/park/whatever if you learn how, though I’ll give you that they’re harder than a straight-body vehicle like an RV.

    They stlll make gas-powered fridges for RVs (usually “3-way power” – gas/ac/dc) and for people who live off-grid. But they’re not stoves too. And they don’t have a little light that goes on when you open the door, either.

  6. DrewE says: February 15, 20139:59 am

    The gas fridges (and kerosene fridges, also used for living off the grid) are generally ammonia absorption refrigerators, which (to me, at least) is a fascinating design. They aren’t especially efficient thermodynamically, but with no moving parts other than the refrigerant, they last nearly forever (until the plumbing corrodes). I’ve sometimes wondered why car air conditioners don’t use the same principles using waste heat from the engine; probably one reason is that releasing some undiluted ammonia in the event of an accident is undesirable.

    The “combination refrigerator and stove” mentioned is probably just an icebox with a burner or two of some sort attached to it.

    A fireplace in an RV would be awesome, especially if it’s a real fireplace that you put real sticks of wood into rather than a gas-fired facsimile fireplace. Driving while using said fireplace would be rather less awesome.

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