A new discovery in FEMININE HYGIENE (Sep, 1930)

A new discovery in FEMININE HYGIENE

If you hope to stay young, sweet-natured, energetic and joyous, you must be well. A woman’s neglect of herself often leads to serious consequences. No woman can afford to be indifferent to the delicate matter of feminine hygiene—or ignorant of the means now offered by science for protection of health, youth and happiness.

“Dainty Maid”

“Return Flow”

Balloon Syringe is a remarkable improvement over old-style unhandy bulb and rubber syringes. Recommended by leading American and European physicians. Used by fastidious enlightened women, who know that internal cleanliness means beauty and radiant health.

Every woman should know the facts about Personal Hygiene and what it means in comfort, happiness and freedom from worry. Our booklet. “Why Haven’t We Been Told This Thing Before?” sent free plain envelope, tells what feminine hygiene really is. You will find it frank, explicit and instructive. For FREE book—write your name and address on margin, tear out and mail this entire advertisement.


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MARY COLEMAN Importing Co.

Dept. PC-856 Meriden, Conn.

  1. Charlene says: January 27, 20104:50 pm

    Ah, douching. The triumph of corporate-manufactured shame over actual health and cleanliness.

  2. rick says: January 27, 20105:37 pm

    “Recommended by leading American and European physicians” How often do we still hear phrases similar to that even today touting some drug from Big Pharm? I’d just once like to know who these so-called “leading physicians” are and what they are supposed to be leading.


  3. docca says: January 27, 20108:56 pm

    “Used by fastidious enlightened women”

    You don’t seem to find many of those around today 🙂

  4. David says: January 28, 20102:50 am

    I read in an article somewhere that these things were not really meant to be used for hygiene. Instead it was a sex toy (a dildo, basically) that could be sold openly by pretending to be something else.

  5. Mike says: January 28, 20109:17 am

    The people that create drugs for “big pharm” probably hold Phds.

  6. /\/\ike says: January 28, 201011:09 am

    Mike, why would it matter who they hold as long as they are making good drugs?

  7. Don says: January 28, 201011:15 am

    But we know it’s all a big conspiracy by Big Pharma to get us to buy things we don’t need and all the guys holding Phds are profiting hugely! Mwaa-ha-ha-ha!!

  8. /\/\ike says: January 28, 201011:23 am

    ???? ????? ??? what ???? ????.

  9. katey says: January 29, 201012:15 am

    Actually, gentelmen, the douche was a commonly used after intercourse as a crude form of birth control when such topics where taboo.

  10. katey says: January 29, 201012:18 am

    When these devices were declared illegal, the flourishing trade simply began selling them as “hygiene” products. For example, vaginal sponges were sold to protect women from “germs” instead of sperm. This led to misleading if not downright fraudulent advertising. From 1930 until 1960, the most popular female contraceptive was Lysol disinfectant — advertised as a feminine hygiene product in ads featuring testimonials from prominent European “doctors.” Later investigation by the American Medical Association showed that these experts did not exist.

    “The fraud of the Lysol douche was a byproduct of illegality,” Tone says. “Because birth control couldn’t be advertised openly, manufacturers would use euphemisms to refer to birth control. They took advantage of consumers’ hopes.”


  11. PapaJack says: January 29, 20104:33 pm

    Science would not invent a disease unless there was a pill to take for it.

  12. Firebrand38 says: January 29, 20108:13 pm

    PapaJack: Let me call the village and tell them I found their idiot…..

  13. PapaJack says: January 30, 201012:13 am

    Firebrand38: Don’t get your knickers all wadded up and start calling names. I should have put quotes around my comment because it came from a popular song from the ’60’s. Since I’m the idiot, why don’t you research and find the song, if you can’t, I’ll check back later and give it to you. Hopefully I can make use of my early years learning and find it. It will bring back memories of the 9th grade, 3 of the best years of my life.

  14. Firebrand38 says: January 30, 20109:15 am

    PapaJack: Not all that popular. Manic Street Preachers probably, but their song “Another Invented Disease” is from 1992.
    And I stand by my characterization that the notion Science “invents” diseases only when there’s a pill to take for it is pretty idiotic.

  15. Firebrand38 says: January 30, 20104:50 pm
  16. PapaJack says: February 4, 20109:24 pm


    Sorry dude, wrong group, wrong song, wrong decdade.

  17. Firebrand38 says: February 4, 20109:44 pm

    PapaJack: I stand ready to be enlightened.

  18. Arglebarglefarglegleep says: August 7, 201012:29 am

    Hm, Firebrand, I’d have to find sources, but a few of the big pharmas have been taken to court for making up off label uses of existing drugs for non-existent diseases. It’s pretty rare admittedly. But snake oil salesman aren’t limited to the holistic and organic market place.

  19. M Youngblood says: April 17, 20113:20 pm

    I have had my dainty maid since 1979 now I need replacements who or how can I get information it’s the gratis thing m youngblood

  20. Eva says: August 16, 20112:49 pm

    I personally prefer using a good feminine wash to douching. Douching can lead to infection and upset the PH balance of your vagina. I have been using the wash fresh control, you can find it in most pharmacies. It’s non scented and hypoallergenic. Way safer in my opinion.

  21. Beatrice B says: August 24, 20118:28 pm

    It is actually much safer.I also use and love fresh control. I can not believe these old advertisements

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