A NEW SKIN (Apr, 1948)

Um… ick.




He Got It Quickly At Home This New Simple Way

Thousands like him, including girls and older men and women, who suffered humiliation and lack of success in business and affairs of the heart, because of a bad looking skin, can now rejoice over this good news. A new way has been found anyone can do at home, for removing that blemished or old looking external layer on the skin called the epidermis, easily, and often in a few days time. And now, a new TREATISE is being sent to all readers of this paper who need it, in plain Wrapper, prepaid. Just send post card or letter requesting the FREE TREATISE. Address WILLIAM WITOL, Dept. 18, Valley Stream, N. Y. If pleased, tell friends.

  1. Hirudinea says: July 27, 20119:03 am

    “A new way has been found … for removing that blemished or old looking … skin…”

    Yea, they send you a piece of sandpaper! At least they had to advertise this crap in magazines back then, they couldn’t clog up your email with spam. And why did everything come in a plain brown wrapper, were people that embarrased to get this stuff of where thr companies to cheap to buy printed envlopes?

  2. Michael, N5RLR says: July 27, 20117:35 pm

    And it even gives one a nose job, too! 😀

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