A One-Man Show with a Magic Hat (Sep, 1933)

A One-Man Show with a Magic Hat

IMPERSONATING different characters by appearing in a succession of hats is a trick well-known to the stage comedian and one that you can easily perform in your home with the aid of the simple ring of felt shown here. By folding and twisting it, the wearer transforms himself successively into a general, a president, a clown, and as many other personages as ingenuity may suggest. Make the ring of heavy hat felt if procurable; otherwise, have two thicknesses of the lighter grade, that every dry-goods store sells, stitched together on a sewing machine. A mirror behind a screen will help you to adjust your hat carefully but speedily for each impersonation. To aid in learning the shapes, the indicated letters may be chalked on the ring. At the end of entertainment, pull the ring down around your neck and say, “Myself.”

  1. Stannous says: January 30, 200711:34 am

    The first time I saw Bill Irwin perform on TV (Carson I think) he did this routine.

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