A “Slot Machine Doctor”! (Dec, 1941)

A “Slot Machine Doctor”!

THE slot machine manufacturers will never stop until they have American life completely on a “coin-in-slot” basis, apparently. Now they’ve devised this machine. Strap your wrist to it, drop in a dime, and r6ad your blood pressure level and pulse rate.

  1. Hirudinea says: May 2, 20122:20 pm

    I just hope they never invent a coin operated proctologist, I don’t want to see someone using THAT in the drug store!

  2. Toronto says: May 2, 20126:13 pm

    A dime!?!? That makes my blood boil!

    Actually, these machines are in every drug store in Canada, almost, and are free to use. (Probably paid for by the drug companies who make beta blockers.)

  3. GeorgeT says: May 3, 20127:37 am

    They’re in every drug store in the US and free, too. They’re covered with ads to read while you sit there with it trying to squeeze your arm off.

  4. georgiahoosier says: May 3, 20127:46 am

    If the one at the local Walmart pharmacy looked like this I’d probably use it rather than the blinky, ad-emblazoned one they have now.
    The retro look would probably knock my pressure down a few points just for the relaxing nature of the streamlining.
    Speaking of the machines in Walmart, I’d suspect most people’s pressure is unnaturally high there just from having to put up with being in Walmart

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