A Spinner of Charms [Until She Smiles] (Dec, 1936)

A Spinner of Charms [Until She Smiles]

She evades close-ups… Dingy teeth and tender gums destroy her charm… She ignored the warning of “Pink Tooth Brush”

WHEREVER she goes, whatever she does, admiring and envious eyes follow this lovely girl—until she smiles! And then, shock and disillusionment and only the ghost of beauty.

It seems impossible that one so fair and so fastidious should let dingy teeth and tender gums cloud her loveliness. And yet how often it happens—and how often you have seen it happen.


Just a little tinge of “pink” on your tooth brush. It doesn’t look serious. It doesn’t seem important. But from this small beginning sometimes develops a real dental tragedy. Beauty is marred. Dull and dingy teeth and tender gums can exact heavy penalties. And that’s why your dentist advises, “Don’t let gum troubles start!” At the very first tinge of “pink” upon your tooth brush, go directly to your dentist. He may find your gums in a serious condition. But he is far more likely to find just a common case of “too much soft food”— gums robbed of the work they need by our modern menus—gums grown lazy, tender, and sensitive. And his advice should be followed to the letter—better care, more stimulation, and usually Ipana Tooth Paste and massage.

Ipana and massage is approved by modern dentistry. And your first few days with Ipana will tell you why. Rub a little Ipana into your gums every time you brush your teeth. Almost at once, your gums improve, new circulation wakens sluggish tissues. For Ipana is especially designed to help the gums as well as clean the teeth.

Try this sensible suggestion of your dentist. Start with Ipana and massage today. Feel your gums grow firmer. See your teeth grow whiter. Close the door to really serious gum disorders. Keep your smile as it should he—lovely, bright, sparkling.

  1. Stannous says: December 18, 200712:00 pm

    After decades of popularity, Bristol-Meyers discontinued Ipana in 1968. Eventually, the brand name was purchased by Proctor & Gamble. Today, you can once again buy Ipana Toothpaste – but you will have to travel to Turkey in order to do so.

  2. Firebrand38 says: December 18, 20075:50 pm

    They had cute commercials too

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