A Tame Woodchuck (Oct, 1939)

Sorry about the image being a little cut off, it was a hard magazine to scan. According to the hard to read caption Chucky is also fond of beer. Drunk woodchuck, that just screams Youtube. I wonder if he’s a relative of dramatic groundhog .

A Tame Woodchuck
A WOODCHUCK that eats pretzels, climbs trees, and opens a screen door when it wants to come into the house, is the odd pet owned by L. G. Lessig, of Newark, N. J. Two summers ago, the baby groundhog was found near the Lessig summer cottage in northern New Jersey. Fed milk from a baby bottle, it grew rapidly and quickly expanded its diet to carrots, wheat, tomatoes, crackers, and clover. When the family returned to Newark in the fall, the pet woodchuck returned with them. It would roll on the floor, play with spools like a kitten, and romp with its owners without the least show of ill temper. When summer came again, the pet traveled back to the cottage and established itself in a hole under the front porch. “Sleeping out” nights, it acquired the knack of opening the screen door and coming into the house for food and play during the daytime.

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    Nice beaver! (cit.)

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