Accounting Offices Drive Right Up to Your Door (Jul, 1940)

Accounting Offices Drive Right Up to Your Door

Bookkeeping on wheels is the odd and profitable business that makes a good living for C. M. Harris, of Los Angeles, Calif. Harris owns a fleet of light trucks, each manned by an expert accountant and outfitted as a rolling office with a typewriter, calculator, bookkeeping machine, and other necessary office equipment. Whenever a small business concern asks for the services of an accountant or bookkeeper, Harris orders a mobile office out on the road in answer to the call. According to reports, the unique enterprise is booming, with 300 regular clients for the service.

  1. Toronto says: January 4, 20131:53 pm

    You’d think the accountants would have an issue with the owner selling steaks for $0.45.

  2. Hirudinea says: January 4, 20134:18 pm

    @ Toronto – Why, the accountants are getting cheap steaks.

  3. experiment 626 says: January 4, 20134:41 pm

    I like this idea! More important to me is is that a real Suburban?

  4. Toronto says: January 4, 201310:42 pm

    @experiment 626 – I’d say so. A ’39 beast. The cool 2-way grille came the next year.

  5. experiment 626 says: January 5, 20138:38 am

    @Toronto Awesome! I wish I could find one and modernize it and cram the fam in it and go places!

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