Actor Invents Rubber Movie Masks (Oct, 1938)

All those Arquettes in Hollywood are this guys grandchildren.

Actor Invents Rubber Movie Masks

LIVE rubber masks which J may revolutionize the art of make-up in motion picture horror roles have been developed by Cliff Arquette, radio and screen actor, who is known as the “man of a thousand hobbies.” The inventor says the masks will enable actors to control facial expressions, thus making the artificial faces seem alive. The porous quality of the rubber will permit air to reach the pores of the actor’s

face, eliminating skin diseases.

  1. Firebrand38 says: October 21, 20105:43 am

    Also known as “Charlie Weaver” on the Hollywood Squares…

  2. Toronto says: October 21, 20107:47 pm

    Charlie Weaver was but one more of his inventions.

  3. sporkinum says: October 24, 201011:20 am

    Is that Pee Wee Herman behind his right shoulder?

  4. Bob says: October 24, 20103:58 pm

    Not Pee Wee, but maybe Pinky Lee, who was active in vaudeville long before he became an early TV star.

  5. Acker J. says: October 29, 20108:55 pm

    Life-like rubber masks had been used in movies for at least a decade before Charlie Weaver “invented” the ones in this article.

  6. Firebrand38 says: October 29, 20108:58 pm

    Acker J.: Which movies?

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