Ad: about weapons systems (Apr, 1955)

See! Little British dolls attack French bears all the time! That’s why you need Ford Instruments.

about weapons systems

Aiming a gun or a rocket from one fast moving plane and hitting another supersonic craft is beyond human capabilities. The elements of speed, ballistics, range, direction etc., must be taken into account and the aiming point computed in milliseconds.

From its earliest days, Ford Instrument Company has been specializing in weapons systems — ranging from directors and drives for heavy naval guns to rocket launching computers, AA gunfire computers and aircraft weapons systems. Complete familiarity with the military requirements of accuracy, dependability and combat-ruggedness makes Ford-designed and Ford-built instruments among the finest our armed services have at their command.

Ever since 1915. when Hannibal C. Ford built the first gunfire computer for the U. S. Navy, Ford Instrument has been a leader in applying the science of automatic control to American defense and peacetime industry. For more information about Ford’s products, services and facilities, write for free illustrated brochure.

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