Ad: An intrstng exprmnt in spch (Apr, 1956)

Yes, at Bell Labs we’ve been disemvoweling you since 1956!

An intrstng exprmnt
in spch

Some day your voice may travel by a sort of electronic “shorthand” when you telephone. Bell Laboratories scientists are experimenting with a technique in which a sample is snipped off a speech sound —just enough to identify it—and sent by wire to a receiver which rebuilds the original sound. Thus voices can be sent by means of fewer signals. More voices may economically share the wires.
This is but one of many transmission techniques that Laboratories scientists are exploring in their search for ways to make Bell System wire and radio channels serve you more efficiently. It is another example of the Bell Telephone Laboratories research that keeps your telephone the most advanced on earth. The oscilloscope traces at right show how the shorthand technique works.
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  1. ganmerlad says: March 21, 200910:54 am

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    (“Hstry of Spch”, by Hrld Bttmly, Rndm Hse pblshrs, 2015)

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