Ad: At your fingertips… the facts of business life (Jan, 1953)

At your fingertips…
the facts of business life

EVERYBODY is better off these days because the ever-mounting flood of business paper work is meeting its master in the incredible speed and accuracy of versatile office machines.
Thej go far bevond the limits of pen and pencil work to turn out invoked analytical jobs on an up-to-the-minute basis—digging out the facts of business life.
Controlled by simple pushbuttons . . . powered by electricity . . . often employing the magic of electronics, these intricate but easy-to-use machines give management vital facts, currently and accurately.
In most electric office machines—adding machines, computers, calculators, sorters, tabulators,
bookkeeping machines, and typewriters—Mallory contacts work to help produce facts at the touch of flying fingers.
Every time a pushbutton or key is touched
these Mallory contacts must speed an electrical “message” on its way. Made of silver, tungsten and special alloys, the tiny but tough contacts must operate with long-lasting dependability through a life measured in millions of on-again, off-again operation.
These contacts are good examples of the precision work Mallory does in metallurgy, electrochemistry and electronics. If you have a product, a process or a problem within these fields, it maybe to our mutual advantage to talk it over.
Electro me chemical * Resistors, Switches, Television Tunrrs, Vibrators Electrochemical • Capacitors, Rectifiers, Mercury Dry Battery Metallurgical • Contacts, Special Metals and Ceramics, Welding Materials

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