Ad: Designed for Science (May, 1954)

Designed for Science

In many ways the E. R. A. 1103 is the most advanced data-handling system yet devised. By tremendous speed, large storage capacity, and great programming versatility, the system assures ideal handling of the most intricate computations.

Adding to its very high speed is an exceptionally fast memory-reference system which keeps the system’s 17,408 internal storage registers directly accessible. Computing time is reduced still further — as is programming time — by use of a simplified form of two-address logic.

Another advantage of the 1103 is its ability to work well with virtually any input-output medium — magnetic tape, punched cards, line printer, electric typewriter, oscilloscope, and a wide variety of sensing devices. High computing speed and the facility for direct communication with external instrumentation enable the 1103 to handle large-scale operational problems in real time.

For information on how you can apply the 1103 to your particular application write on your business letterhead to . . .

Remington Rand
Electronic Computer Dept., Room 1515, 315 Fourth Ave., New York 10.

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