Ad: Hair Growing Hat (Jun, 1924)

I think you could make your own miracle hair growing hat with a light fixture and half a dunce cap. Or perhaps a fez.

New Kind of Hat Worn 10 Minutes a Day Grows Hair in 30 days – or No Cost

No matter how thin your hair may be, this remarkable new scientific invention is absolutely guaranteed to give you a brand new growth of hair in 30 days—or it costs you nothing. Don’t send a cent. Just mail coupon below.

By ALOIS MERKE Founder of Famous Merke Institute, Fifth Ave., N, Y.

I HAVE perfected a new invention that I absolutely guarantee will give you a new head of hair in only 30 days—or the trial costs you nothing.

This new invention—the result of an experience gained in treating thousands of cases of baldness—is in the form of a new kind of hat. It is worn on the head just 10 minutes a day. No unnecessary fuss of any kind. Just put the hat on your head. Wear it 10 minutes. And that’s all there is to it.

Sounds impossible, doesn’t it? All right. Then let me emphasize this fact. I don’t care how thin your hair is. I don’t care how many treatments you have taken without results. Unless my discovery actually produces a new growth of hair on your head in 30 days, then all you need do is tell me so. And without asking one question, I will instantly— and gladly—mail you a check refunding you every penny you have paid me.

How It Works

My invention proves that in a big percentage of hair troubles the hair roots are NOT dead, but merely dormant!

The reason ordinary measures failed to restore hair is because they merely treated the surface skin.

My new invention gets right to the cause of most of hair troubles— the starving dormant roots.

Your hair grows just as a tree grows—from the roots. To make a tree grow you wouldn’t rub “growing fluid” on the bark. Instead you would nourish the roots. And my invention provides, at last, not only an efficient way of stimulating these dormant roots, but of giving them the nourishment they need to grow hair again.

No Risk of Any Kind

At the Merke Institute, Fifth Avenue, N. Y., which I founded, stage and social celebrities have paid as high as $500 for the results secured through personal treatments. Yet now, through my new invention, these results may be secured in any home where there is electricity—for just a few cents a day!

Remember—I don’t ask you to risk a cent. I realize that my treatment will not grow hair for EVERYBODY. There are some extreme cases of baldness that nothing in the world can help. But my new invention has already grown new hair for so many hundreds of others who had long ago given up hope that I am willing to let you try it entirely at my risk, and if it fails then I lose—not you.

Free Booklet Explains Invention

If you will merely fill in and mail the coupon below I will gladly send you—without cost or obligation—an interesting 32-page booklet, “The New Way to Make Hair Grow,” describing my new invention in detail.

This booklet contains much helpful information on the care of hair—and, in addition, shows what my treatment is doing for thousands of others.

No matter how nearly bald you are—no matter how many treatments you have tried without results—this booklet will prove of deepest interest to you. So mail the coupon now— and it will be sent you by return mail. ALLIED MERKE INSTITUTES, Inc., 512 Fifth Avenue, Dept. 166, New York-City.

What Users Say

“I have been bothered with dandruff for twenty years and had lost nearly all of my hair. I have used your treatment 30 days now and have a good growth of hair coming In. I cannot say too much in praise of the Merke Treatment.”
C. H. B.

“Treatment positively shows quick results. After five weeks’ treatment a new growth of hair has shown on each side of the temple, where I have been bald for years.”
C. B.

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  2. jayessell says: July 11, 20072:43 pm

    (May cause rapid foot movement and misuse of household objects.)

  3. Blurgle says: July 12, 20077:45 am

    (May also cause the consumption of mass quantities.)

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  5. RangerGordon says: March 8, 20084:41 pm

    A hat that grows hair?! What’s next; shoes that grow toenails?

    Oh, science! Will you never cease to amaze us?

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  11. Demelza says: July 12, 201012:24 pm

    I am very interested in ur cap and whont 1 but cant c a price.x

  12. Firebrand38 says: July 12, 20102:55 pm

    Demelza: You obviously can’t “cant c” a date of June 1924 either.

    Of course a patent was issued for this nonsense…

  13. bilbo says: December 14, 20101:49 am

    Back in the day, you could buy just about any quack cure you wanted on Fifth Ave. in NYC.

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