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Outstanding Employment Opportunities Open to Central Graduates!

No matter what you’re doing now . . . whether you’ve ever had previous technical experience or not, you can begin right now to prepare for a great career in these fascinating, rewarding fields!

Capitalize on the fact that Central’s nationally recognized, proven training methods, top instructors and long record of educational achievement have put Central-trained men in high demand throughout America! . . . that Central’s graduates are periodically interviewed and employed by many of the Country’s foremost industrial giants and leading employers of electronics specialists. Hundreds of radio and TV stations look to Central as a reliable source for competent, thoroughly trained technicians . . . and the nation’s major airlines and aircraft manufacturers have hired hundreds of Central-trained technicians for important communications and electronics positions.

3 Proven Training Plans

1. HOME STUDY COURSE (with 9 kits of equipment)— Qualifies you for diploma, FCC license exam, and a variety of eleetronies jobs (or transfer into advanced resident training).

2. HOME STUDY—RESIDENT COURSE (with 9 kits of equipment)—Home study, followed by short period of resident training. Qualifies you for diploma, FCC license exam, and a wide variety of positions (or continue with advanced resident training). An ECPD-accredited engineering technician program.

3. FULL RESIDENT COURSE—Qualifies you for Associate of Science (A.S.) degree and top-pay employment opportunities as Electronics Engineering Technician. An ECPD-accredited engineering technician program. Part-time employment opportunities available for students while training.
How Central’s “Progressive Plan” Will Pay Off for YOU!

Central’s complete, accredited training is designed to get you the technical job you want … in the shortest possible time! Through Central’s “Progressive Plan” of study, as you complete each phase of training your earning capacity goes higher! How far “up the ladder” you want to go is entirely up to you. A few short weeks of training prepares you for certain basic jobs. Then, with every additional phase of training you complete, you qualify for more advanced types of positions that command higher salaries. You can settle for any of a wide variety of well-paid, worthwhile jobs along the line … or you can use Central’s complete training to advance right up to the top-level, top-pay positions! Don’t limit yourself! Get the facts on Central’s complete training. Mail the coupon today!

VETERANS Central offers courses approved under G. I. Bill

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  1. Stannous says: May 31, 20064:00 pm

    An Army recruiter once tried to sell me on this career. I said, “No thanks.”
    But now all my friends have exciting jobs in the guided missile field and I’m stuck making art!

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