Ad: Marksmen Prefer Camels (Feb, 1938)

I was a smoker for about five years and I have never smoked a cigarette that “refreshed” me. It’s tobacco, not meth. Although when you’re sitting in a cube for hours on end jonesing for a smoke it certainly may seem refreshing.

I love the fact that the sniper’s name is Triggs. He was kinda born for that job, wasn’t he?

Do Expert Marksmen find that Camel’s Costlier Tobaccos make a Difference?

“YES, SIR, in any bunch of expert shots — Camels are the favorite cigarette,” says Ransford Triggs, one of the foremost marksmen in America. “Marksmen know that it takes steady nerves to make high scores. And the fact that Camels don’t frazzle my nerves goes over big with me. I smoke plenty of Camels every day, too.”

And millions of other people — the most loyal group of smokers in the world – put their “O. K.” on Camels too — making Camels the largest-selling cigarette in America

TAKING X-RAYS is a delicate job—and a tiring one too. But as Miss Myrtle Sawler, X-ray technician, says: “When I’m tired, a Camel refreshes me. I get a ‘lift’ with a Camel.”

“I’M HANDLING money by thousands,”says bank teller, John McMahon. “Jittery nerves don’t fit in with this work. So it’s Camels for me.”

HOME economist, Elizabeth May, says: “There’s a world of comfort in smoking Camels ‘for di-gestion’s sake,’ at mealtimes.”

Camel pays millions more for COSTLIER TOBACCOS! Camels are a matchless blend of finer, MORE EXPENSIVE TOBACCOS-Turkish and Domestic.

Camels – The Largest-Selling Cigarette in America

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  2. tuckerch says: June 7, 20078:53 am

    He’s not a sniper. He’s a competative target shooter.

    That’s a .22 target rifle. Probably single shot bolt action with a double set trigger.

    In an actual competition, he’d likely be aiming at a paper target 100 yards or so downrange.

    The bore of the muzzle and the glove and jacket are the giveaway as to what he’s really doing.

  3. Charlie says: June 7, 20079:32 am

    tuckerch: I stand corrected.

  4. Blurgle says: June 7, 200710:59 am

    Ransford D. Triggs died on April 7, 2006 at the age of 96, according to a firewall-locked story in the Madison Eagle dated April 13, 2006.

  5. docca says: June 7, 200711:17 am

    Exactly. He is (was) a competitive shooter.

    According to the NRA:…

    he won the Critchfield Trophy (National) in 1941, among other competititions.

  6. Charlie says: June 7, 200712:32 pm

    Wow, it certainly seems that the Camels didn’t hurt him too much. I wonder if he quit…

  7. než says: June 8, 20078:08 am

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  9. John Topper says: April 19, 201010:05 am

    I had the pleasure of knowing Mr. Triggs later in his life. An Olympian, Naval Officer WWII, instructor in firearms, naturally, very successful businessman in NYC, Printer, avid golfer, draftsman and maker of unique furniture, all hand made, from design to finished product. One of those people who you meet in life that your life is better having known them. RIP Rans.

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