Ad: meet a “flyer” with over 250,000,000 hours behind him! (Jun, 1954)

meet a “flyer” with over 250,000,000 hours behind him!

“He’s” a new Lycoming air-cooled engine. He’s backed by Lycoming’s experience in creating and producing – 50,000 aircraft power plants . . . each with a flight-proved life expectancy of at least 5,000 hours.

You learn a lot about flying in 25 years . . . and 50,000 engines!

Our first Lycoming aircraft engines gained us invaluable experience flying for one of America’s first scheduled air lines. Their successors have flown military missions in aircraft from liaison planes, to trainers, to helicopters. As “civilians,” they now fly small single-engine utility planes, and leading twin-engine “flying offices” for businessmen.

Do you need this kind of dependable air-cooled power… or any of the diversified services listed above our signature? Lycoming’s wealth of creative engineering ability … its 2-1/2 million square feet of floor space . . . and 6,000-plus machine tools stand ready to serve you. Whatever your problem . . . look to Lycoming!

Aircraft Engines Industrial and Tank Engines Engine Overhaul Generating Units
Turbine Engineering and Research Engineering Design and Development Hardened and Ground Precision Parts Gears and Machine Parts
Complete Assemblies Heat-Treating and Plating Steel Fabrication Castings Boilers


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  1. Dethel J. says: July 17, 20062:10 pm

    Cool illustration.

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