Here you can see a male Greenlandian engaging in a mating ceremony with one of the female human/kayak hybrids of the mountainous region. Note how he carefully conceals his hoof hand while hypnotizing her with his wicked cool Tron boots.

You would enjoy a visit to Greenland. … A land of unusual beauty and the midnight sun. The people there are friendly, pleasant and honest, awakening with ever-increasing speed to the features of the civilization we enjoy. . . . Greenland is a World Neighbor and the incidents that were once of only local importance are now of international concern. The best and easiest way to have a ringside seat to the history making events of any country is with shortwave radio, because with it you can tune anywhere in the world almost instantaneously… . Your postwar Hallicrafters Radio will be a superb instrument—the world’s best shortwave receiver. The result of over eighty million dollars of war research and manufacturing development, you will be able to tune in on any World Neighbor simply by turning a dial.

THE HALLICRAFTERS COMPANY. CHICAGO 16. U.S.A. • Builders of the Famous SCR-299

  1. Githyanki says: August 2, 20073:47 am

    What is up with the extra thumbs on those two?

  2. Jim says: August 2, 20077:32 am

    The standing “person” looks like the illustrator started drawing a woman, and then was told have way through the process that a male figure on the shore did better with test audiences. Those rosy cheeks, upturned nose, and sort of sexy sashay make for a man who is very comfortable with his feminine side.

    The background horizon looks like it was made with jello molds of various sizes. The presumed woman in the kayak is sporting the Unabomber hoodie-over-wool cap look while staring vacantly at the other woman’s–sorry, man’s knee. Her kayak looks like a civil war era ironclad ship.

  3. Chuck Norris says: August 2, 200712:12 pm

    I think the standing person is supposed to be a woman. The guy is in the kayak, just coming in from fishing or something.

  4. Blurgle says: August 2, 200712:54 pm

    Why are they white?

  5. Chakolate says: August 2, 20078:52 pm

    I love the ‘female human/kayak hybrids’ part.

    I must say, the posts are only moderately interesting in themselves; I drop by every day mostly to read your comments. 🙂

  6. Charlie says: August 3, 20074:39 am

    Chakolate: Why thank you 🙂

  7. elron6900 says: August 3, 200710:57 am

    The comments definitely make the blog, though I must say I find the articles themselves fascinating as well. But Charlie’s comments are what REALLY make it special …

  8. bilbo says: December 14, 20101:20 am

    The one standing with the Tron boots is definitely female. Notice the slight bit of pointy cleavage. Even the one in the kayak looks female to me, so maybe this ad had more of a message than previously thought.

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