Add a Tape Recorder to Your Phono (Feb, 1960)

I’d like to see the reverse. You could put two records on a tape deck and play in stereo!

Add a Tape Recorder to Your Phono

• With the Gramdeck you can turn your phono into a tape recorder—or back into a phono— within a few seconds. The Gramdeck just slips onto the turntable as easily as a record; the turntable drives the tape spools and the phono loudspeakers provide sound reproduction. A pre-amp/control unit which uses transistors and printed circuits and which is installed permanently on the phono in a few seconds, is part of the kit.

Standard tapes are used, and the erase-head clears them for re-use. The imported tape recorder with control unit and five-inch take-up reel is priced at $49.75. Complete with a moving coil microphone, the Gramdeck costs $62.25, according to the distributor, Andrew Merryfield of Canada Ltd., Import Div., 265 Adelaide St., W., Toronto 1, Canada.

  1. carlm says: May 20, 20111:23 am

    What if you want to record one of your record albums?

  2. Mike says: May 20, 20115:12 pm

    $49.75, couldn’t you buy a stand alone tape recorder for that price in 1960?
    (That is $362 in 2010 dollars)

  3. papajack says: May 21, 20111:49 pm

    I guess the tape was pulled across the tape head directly from the motion of the turntable. With possible drag on the turntable and no type of capstan drive, there probably was a lot of wow and flutter. Good for voice probably at the best and not music. Still pretty ingenious.

  4. Clay says: June 28, 20112:36 pm

    I still have one of these. It has both mike and line inputs. It uses a pinch-roller against the
    centre spool for a constant tape speed (4 speeds with a 4 speed turntable 78 rpm= 71/2 inches/
    second). For mono recording/playback it was satisfactory.
    Best regards,


  5. papajack says: June 29, 20113:06 pm


    That is amazing. It sounds like they thought of almost everything. I’d love to see and hear on of these devices.

  6. Clay says: June 29, 20116:44 pm

    Yeah, a lot of thought went into it. It is mono only. To erase while re-cording, you slip the tape
    over a permanent magnet just B4 the recording head. Manual re-wind is via a small hand crank
    but you can also slip the tape to another pulley and use power re-wind. The control unit is
    a small box with mike input, line input and a rotary switch for Mike, Line, Playback. A plastic pin
    that you can see at left end is glued to the turntable to keep the unit from spinning on the
    turntable.That lever at front centre is the pinch roller. (Made in England).

    Best regards,


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