Adequate wiring means business (Feb, 1956)

Adequate wiring means business

the problem: The thirty-year electric appliance boom is running into a snag—warns the National Adequate Wiring Bureau. Most houses and apartments were built with relatively small electrical requirements in mind. Already, 50% of the people in some areas who want air conditioners can’t buy them because their wiring is inadequate, one expert estimates. The sale of freezers, ranges, water heaters and other appliances is being slowed.

the solution: New homes built under the adequate wiring code of the National Association of Home Builders provide at least 100-ampere cable into the home—and adequate inside circuits. In older buildings— the answer is rewiring.

Anaconda, for its part, is helping meet modern wiring needs with new and better wires and cables: notably, a new 100-amp service entrance cable, big enough to run a whole houseful of appliances.

the future: Adequate wiring in homes, apartments and commercial -buildings will mean more business and better living for everyone. And this is only one way Anaconda and its fabricating companies—Anaconda Wire & Cable Company and The American Brass Company—can serve you with the broadest line of non-ferrous metals and products in the world. For help with your problem, check the Man from Anaconda. The Anaconda Company, 25 Broadway, New York 4, N. Y.


  1. Rick Auricchio says: October 21, 200812:53 pm

    It’s nice to see another example of the “Happy housewife of the 1950s” pose.

    The man at right doesn’t look like he’s thinking of delivering her a freezer, however.

  2. Travis L says: October 23, 20087:46 pm

    A whole 100 amps in the house! I have 100 amps running to my garage.

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